Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sebastian’s Closet

Hi ho everyone! Sebastian here and I thought I would share a little something different. Just the other day I had a chance to read the newspaper and I saw a notice that said Clinton Kelly from the TV show What Not To Wear was going to be making an appearance not too far from where I live.

That got me to thinking about my unique sense of style. I thought perhaps if I took you on a tour of my closet, it might give you a peek into what makes me, Sebastian . . . well, Sebastian. Just be forewarned, this tour is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s start with the closet itself. First of all, I’ve come to believe that it’s not a real closet. I think in its former life, it was a cigar box. There’s no fooling me you know. And now it is getting a bit small for my needs. After all, as I get invited to more events, my wardrobe expands and yet, my closet stays the same size. I think someone is going to have to have a talk with someone else about this matter very soon.

Brace yourself I’m going to show you the inside.

Ta dah! The inside. I do have a system, it’s just that the last time I had to fish something out of here, it kind of went wonky. So, let me show you a few of my favorite items of apparel.

Let’s begin with my hats.  I have a lot of hats and I wear them well if I do say so myself.

You see here I have my Mickey Mouse ear hat and my crown. There’s also my Tin Man hat, Sorcerer Mickey hat and birthday hat for parties.  Just remembering the times I wore these makes me feel all warm inside!

Here I am in my Donald Duck hat that I love!  I also have my bunny face mask and the warm winter hat that my friend Lyn knitted for me.  It’s too hot for that today!

Now let’s move on to some other things in my closet – like these fairy wings!

I wore these when I met Tinker Bell.  That was so much fun.  I need to find another occasion to wear these because they are my favorite wings.

Here I am mixing it up a little bit.  I’m wearing my Donald Duck beak  with my fried egg costume.  I wore the egg to a Halloween party once.  Now people remember me as the fried egg bear so I really need a new costume this year.  Oh, and that white cloth next to me?  That’s my ghost costume.  No one could guess it was me when I had it on!

From Halloween to Christmas, here I am in my red and white stocking cap!  I like to get in the spirit of Christmas and this hat gets me there fast.  I’m embarrassed to say that this is the only T-shirt I own, but I like it very much.

And finally, look who I found!  He’s been hiding in the bottom of my closet!  I had a great time making my friend here and I think it’s time we hung out together a little more.

Well, those are the highlights of my closet.  Remember “it’s not the clothes that make the bear but the bear that makes the clothes”.

Maybe next time I will show  you the things in my scrap box.  I don’t have a scrap book because most of my treasures are not flat so I put them in a box.  I’ll bet you can guess what kind of box they are in, can’t  you?


love & hugs,



  1. Hiyo Jock,

    'S just me writing 'cos Zeke is far away in a place called Ponty Ack. That's over near you, I think. I got all excited yesterday when the staff talked by FaceTime and I got to say hiyo to Zeke. I thought he was hiding behind Mr Alan's iPad, but no he's over in your neck of the woods. He says he's disappointed 'cos he's not seen any cowboys 'n injuns. Maybe you could help and tell him where to look? Instead his hotel is full of people with signs saying they're Dodgers. I hoped that they were Jammy Dodgers 'cos they're ace biscuits (sorry cookies), but it turns out they are just old car nuts. (I'll make sure you get a Jammy Dodger if we meet up.)

    I like your box and you are undoubtedly the stylish bear of all stylish bears. I wish I had hats like that, but all I have is a key on a Kalava - or Hindu string bracelet around my neck - I like to travel light until some people I know. Your wings are ace too and you do look funny as Donald Duck wearing a fried egg. That really made me laugh.

    Maybe the staff will find me a hat in France next week when we go to look at old cars at Le Mans, with a lot of wrinkly people. Hmm, just like those Dodgers but with no labels. I must watch out.


    Jock (and Zeke would send them too if he was here).

    1. Hi Jock,

      Well well well. Zeke sure is getting around these days. Nope, no cowboys in Ponty Ack that I know of. You have to go a fur piece south - maybe a lot further.

      I think you should insist on a hat because it makes it easier to go in-cog-neet-o. Besides, you might have more choices than I do because your thoughts have more room to move around up thar in that noggin' of yours than mine do in my head.

      Make sure the wrinkly people stay out of trouble. You've got a big job ahead of you. Do try to have some fun at Le Mans.

      hugs to all of you there and the some of you here,

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Oh my mohair, you don't have your own closet? I mean, like you have to put your stuff in a cigar box? Well, it's time that you had a heart to heart with Miss Ginger.

    I mean sit her down and really have a talk with her. Does she keep her stuff in a cigar box? Well? Miss Ginger do you? I think not.

    Let me know what she says, she may even blush a little 'cause she is em-bear-est.

    Heaps of Hugs

    I told Toby and R.B. (Reading Bear) and Miss Daisy and they are shocked.

    1. H Prudence,

      I will pass along your advice and observations. Although it might not help much since she does actually keep things in cigar boxes. Not clothes because, well, they're a mite bigger than mine but I think if she could fit her stuff in one, she'd definitely do it. She loves to economize on space. The advantage of course, is that it's easy to move around and I can actually take my entire wardrobe with me if I want. But as you know, most times I like being a 'fur' only kind of bear.


  3. We always knew it was time for you to come out of the closet...


    Jack, Boo & The Clan

    1. Hi Jack, Boo & The Clan,

      You guys are hysterical!


  4. Dear Sebastian, I am loving your wings. Do they make you fly. I am a touch bigger than you and Granny says I would never get off the ground. Well I really would love to try. You are lucky your things fit in a cigar box. My draw is over flowing.
    Big Hugs Wilbur.

    1. Hi Wilbur,

      Thank you my friend! No, I can't fly using these wings but I'm working on it. If I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know. Then WE could go soaring together!!!! If you need a cigar box, let me know. We have plenty and you could definitely have one.



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