Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Atmosphere – 2 Saturday Nights

We had dinner at two very different places the last two Saturday nights. The first Saturday night we went to a new place for us called Corbett’s Burgers & Soda Bar. Their claim to fame is that they have over 250 different bottled sodas. I think photos will do the place more justice than lots of description but I will tell you that we’ll be returning and maybe sooner rather than later.

The following Saturday night we returned to one of our favorite restaurants, Guglhupf which has quite a different atmosphere from Corbett’s. While Corbett’s evokes fond memories of the past and familiar, casual and often Southern food, Guglhupf is an artisan bakery patisserie & café “with a bit of a German twist”. I’ve mentioned it here on bearbits before but not in contrast to another place.

A view of Corbett’s

A view of Guglhuph

Our table at Corbett’s!

Candlelight at Guglhuph

How cute are these bottle cap bar stools?!

A view of the tables below at Guglehuph – sweetly elegant.

The drink coolers at Corbett’s – making a selection took me ages!

Guglhuph has very cool lights.

This is just one rack of many to pick from at the Burger & Soda Bar.

This place we choose for special occasions – OR when we haven’t been in ages!

Dessert at Corbett’s – a trip down memory lane – and a happy trip too.

Dessert at Guglhuph – We made quick work of  this one called Banana Rum Mousse Bar.

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  1. Two lovely places to dine. It probably depends on your mood that night.

  2. Where's Sebastian? Oh no, don't tell me..........left behind AGAIN?

    Prudence ♥ (notice, there are no hugs)

  3. Oooooh, I love Guglhupf, great food & atmosphere, can get a bit crazy during peak times but love it just the same. We eat there whenever we get up to the area from Wilmington. They have lovely desserts. Yum! Best, Ani

  4. So what you're saying is they're really similar? ;o)


    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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