Sunday, February 8, 2015

Drying Time

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you. While my blog has been idle for longer than usual – a state that Sebastian has been reminding me about quite frequently, I myself have not been idle. In fact, things are hopping here and there in studio related things.

I have several teddies in different stages of completion and my goal is to get them all to one stage: the finished one. Some of these bears are just ever so slightly variations of bears that I have made before.

I am working on a piece for the Philadelphia show also. It seems I have to keep mentally reassuring myself that even though it looks like a huge mess right now – if I stick with it perhaps it will turn out okay in the end.

At the moment, two sections are drying/curing and before I turn in for the night, I expect to have a third doing the same. They are different parts of the same piece. One piece requires a medium to dry. One is waiting on some adhesive to set up. And another is going to be curing as part of several layers of solution. Patience. That’s what I keep repeating. I am crossing my fingers and toes that what I see in my head will eventually manifest itself in a sort of Piece Parade type of reality.

We’ve also been explorers in our own little corner of the world here in what is called “The Triangle” of North Carolina. There is so much to see and so many new places and of course, some familiar ones we have to revisit from time to time. I’ll be sharing a couple of spots we’ve been to recently in my next blog post.

Until then, Sebastian says Hello and not to forget about him because he has some big plans coming up and he wants to make sure he still has some friends out there to share them with when it’s his turn to write here on bearbits.

Oh, and we’ve been doing laundry. Isn’t that exciting?



  1. O' yes, it looks like you both have been buzy these days! And it looks also very interesting! Can't wait to hear and see more...

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    I'm still here.......waiting. I realize it's difficult when you have to share a puter with your human.. So I'll be here......waiting, patiently.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Jack and Boo have come over all worried that they're about to be duplicateded, but we told them they were unique and not to worry... We hope Sebastian comes out to play soon, but then Jack has been hoping to post on his blog for quite some time and hasn't got to, so, you know, until the staff get replaced...


    Jack, Boo & The Clan

  4. I'm sure Sebastian would be trying to find the letters to make his name.
    All the bit of your next piece is puzzling for me. I will just have to wait.
    Wilbur says Hi to Sebastian.
    Hugs kay and Wilbur


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