Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Adventures in and around Philadelphia

Hi ho. Sebastian here. I thought it was about time I shared my adventures in and around Philadelphia. I had a great time meeting a lot of people at the teddy bear show. My business cards really came in handy.

See this photo. Can you guess where I am?

Before the show we were out and about and upon seeing this huge doctor’s bag, I made a request to take advantage of this great photo op. I’m tellin’ you, it was huge! By the way, if you can’t find me, I was sitting on the stethoscope.

Then while I really enjoyed meeting all the lovely people at the bear show, I must say it was extremely exciting to meet Ashton, a fellow traveling bear.  Ain’t he cute?

He’s been loads of places and has photo books that document his adventures. I must speak with my staff straightaway since I’ve only got the one book so far. Hmmm.

I really thought I had a photo of him wearing one of my pins but I guess in my excitement I forgot to get one.  Maybe next time – because I fully expect to see Ashton again.  We’re buds now.

Another exciting thing that happened after the show was that we all went to visit Lucy! I love Lucy!

Have you ever met Lucy? I’ve wanted to for ages and ages and finally, it happened.

Lucy is the world’s largest elephant who was born 1881 and is now an historical landmark. She lives in Margate, NJ on the beachfront.

We were able to take a tour of her and we learned how she nearly didn’t survive until some kind folks (the Save Lucy Committee) got together and saved her from destruction.  This is a photo inside her tummy.  I don’t think the inside of mine looks like this.

One of the best parts of the tour was going all the way to the top where the howdah is and seeing a 360 view of the area. Here’s a photo from there of the water tower. Guess who is on it? No, not Lucy. They call this elephant Ethel. Get it? Lucy and Ethel!

I had a great time on the road and am looking forward to my next adventure already.

I’m off to get some chocolate chip cookies and milk and a map. I always say the key to a good adventure is snacks!

love & hugs,


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  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Great photos, and yes you do need to expand your travel book. I never met Lucy but M&D are from NJ and Mom's parents always vacationed in Margate or Pt. Pleasant. Mom says that Lucy once was a real estate office (not sure when but she said it was a very long time ago.) Lucy was hit hard by Super Storm Sandy but thanks to a group of wonderful people she still stands proudly.


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