Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TBAI 2014 – More Gallery Pieces

Continuing my post from yesterday, I present the rest of the gallery pieces. It was during the opening of the gallery that the People’s Choice Awards were voted on. There were two categories Over 8 Inches and Under 8 Inches. We were able to vote for our top three choices. Take a look and imagine if you had been there, which pieces would you have voted for?

Barbara Ayars – “Suzanne” Memories from the 1950’s

Susan Smith – First Love Floating on Cloud Nine!

Candi Taylor - Endangered Species

Margaret Jackson - Hagar the Horrible–The Mottley Crew

Dagmar Seibel – Rainforest in Asia

Shane Elliott – Doodle

Ginger Brame – Stairway to Imagination (looks vaguely familiar, right?)

Amy Thornton – NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

Donna Manthey – Almost One…..Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Johni Jacobsen – Three Men In A Tub

Cindy Malchoff – Rockford Peaches-Millie

Dian Pete – Pierre

Lin Chamberlain – Hello Dolly!  Dollibear!

Judith Eppolito – Wildlife Preserves

Darlene Allen – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Sharon Edwards – Poseidon, King of the Sea

Pam Pontious – Inchworm Express Mail

Susan McKay - Beagle & Batwing

Mary Kolar – Titanic Polar Bear

Larry Ransom – Lion King

Martha Burch – I Made Miniatures-A Fairy Forest

Donna Nielsen – In the Rainforest

Vicki Stephan – Tom’s Fence Paintin’ Revelation

It is difficult to choose just three in each category, isn’t it? It was definitely a challenge. After a lovely dinner with all kinds of delicious dishes, they announced the winners. In the Over 8 Inches category the winners were:

1st place: Stevie T – Searching for a Friend
2nd place: JoAnne O’Hanlon – America, the Beautiful – Fourth of July Parade
3rd place: Candi Taylor – Endangered Species

In the Under 8 Inches category, the winners were:

1st place: Ginger Brame – Stairway to Imagination (This was wonderfully exciting!)
2nd place: Katherine Hallam – Alice Falls Down
3rd place: Martha Burch – I Made Miniatures Fairy Forest

Here’s a photo of the winners.

Here’s the crystal they gave the first place winners. Pretty cool huh?

My next post will feature a selection of artist tables that I managed to photograph during set up for the show. See you then!



  1. HI Ginger, well it is always hard when you can only pick 3. The littlies I would have picked exactly the same. Especially the 1st. place. With the bigger ones I would choose the first two places the same, but 3rd place I would have given to Wanda Carson, Friends of the rain Forrest. I adore the expression of that bear.
    Congratulations, I hope you are still living on a high.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Hi Kay,

      It is hard to choose just three! You are so kind! Wanda is very talented. She has had some terrific pieces and many have won awards so I imagine you have some company in admiring her work. Thank you very much! It's been great fun.


  2. Oh, Miss Ginger, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited and happy for you, but not surprised. You and Sebastian should take a ride in his Mini and have a special sweet treat - something r-e-a-l-l-y sinful. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    1. Hi Prudence,

      Aren't you a dear! Thank you very much! I think you have a good idea and riding in Sebastian's mini would be a treat in itself. I'm sure we could find at least one or two places to stop and indulge.

      hugs back to you Prudence,
      ~ginger (& Sebastian too)

  3. Congratulations, Ginger, on a WELL DESERVED win! Your creations are always so full of creativity and delight!

    1. Hi Jeanie,

      Thank you! I appreciate it so much and am happy to meet you through bearbits! :D


  4. It's been an interesting series of posts Ginger, and many congratulations on winning first prize. I must say I'm not surprised. I can't think of anyone else with your wacky imagination Sorry, great inventiveness :-)

    Alan (and Jock, Zeke, Tom and Ruby of course).

    1. Hi Alan and all the bears,

      Thank you for the congrats! Yes, wacky imagination is a very good description - although I appreciate the alternative choice (great inventiveness) as well! Heck, I'll take them both! Thanks my friend!


  5. Well of COURSE we would have picked Stairway to Imagination, we couldn't have imagined the judges would choose otherwise either!

    Besides them, we liked Hagar The Horrible and Beagle & Batwing, and LT liked Rockford Peaches Millie and Tom's Fence Painting Revelation. We were all rather disturbed about the ones in jars, so we're off to have a cookie to console ourselves...


    Jack, Boo and The Clan

    1. Hi Jack, Boo and The Clan,

      Ha ha! You guys - too funny! I think you should come next year and vote! I won't bribe you with any cookies or anything. I think you have very good taste in your choices and the Wildlife Preserves - was quite funny - just don't dream about it and you'll be okay. Cookies will help I am sure!

      Thanks guys!


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