Saturday, January 10, 2015

Looks a Lot Like the Others

Many of the bears&boxes pieces that I create look a lot alike at the beginning.That is because the box is either unfinished or a cigar box that I have stripped down or intend to cover. It is the start of the transformation.

There are times I know right away where I am going and then there are times I get ideas along the way.  The outside of this piece began with a vague idea that crystallized fairly quickly and it allowed me to use a tried and true technique (adding texture)

as well as a new one (applying a very detailed image to the front) which is not yet adequately photographed.

And just like that –

after several hours and/or days of painting

– it no longer looks like any other piece I have done before.

Now I am revisiting one of my favorite processes of transferring text to the edges.

It’s a process that requires patience which I discovered early on when I was impatient once or twice. Ah, the benefits of experience.



  1. estoy deseando ver esas cajas



    1. Hi Mari,

      I hope not to disappoint! Thanks for reading!


  2. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, and most importantly meet the new relative that will live inside


    Jack, Boo & The Clan

    1. Hi Jack, Boo & The Clan,

      I hope the new relative will be warmly received by all of you and in the new home that is waiting!



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