Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Progression Photos – Finale

Today I present the rest of the progression photos from my gallery piece for the Philadelphia show. It is called “The Winter Forest”.  The name is taken from an anonymous poem that reads: 

Deep within the winter forest
among the snowdrift wide
You can find a magic place
where all the fairies hide.

If you recall, in this post I showed a photo of some wings I had in progress. The instructions for making them came straight from the Internet. It was a very exacting process but I am very pleased with the results. I intend to make these again – perhaps introducing some color next time. Here are some additional photos of the wings in process and the finish.

The iridescent film isn’t easy to photograph.  Sometimes it appears blue in the photos and sometimes it appears pink.  Maybe it is magic.

This substance is liquid Fimo.  This is the first time I have used it.

In this photo, the wings appear more clear – perhaps the angle of the photo made the difference.

I added some glass glitter to give the feeling of ice crystals.

I got completely caught up in the process and then so excited to add them to the fairy bear that I never photographed them by themselves.  This is as close as I got.

Next we pick up where we left off on the scene. (Click here for a refresher).

In this photo, several layers of snow have been added.

These are ice laden branches for the ‘forest’.

A snapshot of the piece before it was finished – the sunlight hitting it on my kitchen table.

Here is the completed piece with the wood slice steps, jingle bell snow dusted tulip flowers, the frosty pond, rusty snow dusted fences and the snow fairy queen.  But it has one more feature not shown in this photo.  You’ll have to scroll down for that.

Here’s the Snow Fairy Queen


in her softly lit magical winter forest kingdom.

There are many details but I think my favorite are the bits where the snow gently rests atop the flowers and the rusty hooks, and how the glow from the lights is softened by the snow.


Welcome to the snow fairy forest!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow wonderful i love your projekts, great you are genial

    1. Hi DBears,

      I am glad that you like them! Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment.


  2. This is beautiful, I feel cold just looking at it, an inspired piece ginger! Have a great weekend. X

    1. Hi Elanor,

      I hope you don't feel toooo cold! Thanks so much! Better to gaze upon the snowy scene than have it be reality??


  3. me encanta todo el trabajo , es todo precioso y esas alitas son lo mas



    1. Hi Mari,

      Thank you so very much! I like the wings too and they were quite a challenge but I loved making them.


  4. A winter wonderland for sure! Love the wings....and the whole project, of course!

    1. Hi Jeanie,

      it is a winter wonderland - just what I was aiming for! Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.



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