Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TBAI Gallery Piece 2015 – Elements

Transformations are my thing, but I think that is the nature of creativity. These very involved and detailed projects which I love to do are often comprised of many, many little projects. I have learned to go with the flow and forget about what each may involve. I have accepted that they are all part of the process.

These ribbons are my color scheme but they weren’t my intention at the start. I really didn’t have a plan.

On the other hand these coffee stirring sticks were part of my plan from the beginning. In fact, maybe I needed an excuse to use them and created this whole project on that basis!

It was a fairly straight forward process to turn them into a wood floor. Just the look I was going after and the fact that it turned out as planned was a nice bonus.  That hardly ever happens.

I turned this piece of steel wire to make a decorative hanger. It was an experiment that resulted in very sore fingers. I learned something. I’ll wear gloves next time.

Another transformation involved this small brass lantern. Loved the shape but the color was a bit too polished and shiny for my project.

First I painted it with a copper paint.

Then I used that magical solution that creates a copper patina. It takes a bit of time but eventually,

I got an effect like this:

And here you see the lantern on the lantern hanger.

Next up: the interior of the tree stump.  Yes, it was a tree stump.  I’m relieved that it was fairly easy for you to guess!

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  1. I'm impressed in how you saw the potential in those coffee stirring sticks! They look great as a wood floor. I love seeing all the little things you find for these projects. Thanks for sharing!

    1. K. Joy,

      I'm pretty sure I'm not the originator of the flooring idea. I either saw it on a dollhouse blog or some other Internet place. If I'm lucky, I'll have something in my stash that will fit my current project whatever that happens to be. Thanks so much!



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