Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TBAI Recap!

TBAI is over for another year but there is lots of news to share from the show. First of all, we had a great time as usual. There were a lot of bears to see and I did take photos of each and every table. I posted them on my Facebook page. There are some other show highlights on there as well. I found that it is fairly straightforward to update my piece parade Facebook page from the show with lots of photos so they appear immediately and the news is current. If you want to see all the tables from the show, that’s the place to go. Click here.

As for Madame Zola, if you haven’t heard or seen the results from the 2015 TBAI People’s Choice Awards, I won first place in the 8” and under category. I am still wondering how that happened because there were so many fabulous gallery pieces.

I had the most difficult time voting for just three in each category. I would love to see how people dream up their ideas. Artists come from such various backgrounds and experiences and they all factor into their work in one way or another. Here are the winners from 2015 – all so very wonderful.

L to R: 8” and under category:  Stephanie Tiongco, Katherine Hallam, me.
Over 8” category:   Wanda Carson, Sandra Czaja and Joanne O’Hanlon

                                                  Wanda Carson’s The Farmer’s Market

I have shared in a couple of places that TBAI is moving to Syracuse, NY next year. This news is so exciting! A new city and a lot of opportunity for exploration. Mostly, I hope it will be easier for those traveling – whether by car, train or airplane. The hotel has a shuttle to and from many places in the area which will be very convenient. I hope there will be many artists and collectors that will contribute to the air of excitement! The theme for next year’s show will be a fun one.

My next show will be here before I know it. The bears and I and Sebastian, of course, will be traveling to Maryland for the Hunt Valley Holiday Teddy Bear Show & Sale. Admission is free. That’s right. You heard me, FREE ADMISSION to the show! Mark your calendar for Sunday, November 8th at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Sebastian sends his love. He says that he might just show up on Facebook from time to time. He hopes that you will come by and say hello. He has a trick or two up his furry sleeve!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Sebastian,

    I'm back from camp, had a great time and met lots of new friends, and enjoyed seeing familiar ones.

    You're lookin' good, little guy. How is to Tof? Have a great holiday weekend, Dad bought a smoker and he is cooking smoked turkey on Saturday - I'm hungry already.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Congratulations on your first place win! Don't be surprised.... you earned it with your wonderful creativity and attention to detail!


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