Thursday, November 19, 2015

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It’s been a very busy few weeks with lots of bear things to share. I’ll begin with the show that took place in Hunt Valley, Maryland on November 8th. It was a Holiday themed show so there were a lot of festively adorned tables and bears. Today I am posting photos I took of most of the tables there.  Sebastian was excited that Ashton came to visit him again so I had to take a quick snapshot of them together.  Also, I have finished the bear for my 30th Anniversary Giveaway.  I didn’t forget!  I’ll be sharing his/her photo soon right here on bearbits.

This is my table.  I was going for a vintage/retro teal and red Christmas theme. 

As to the other tables, there were a lot of them.  It was a really good show, so if you’ve a mind to go next year, don’t hesitate.   You won’t be disappointed!

Cindy McGuire – China Cupboard Bears
Cindy never fails to disappoint – lots to charm  you on this table.

Ben and Beth Savino – The Toy Store

More.  It was a long, long table!

As you can see, even at this point not all the items were on the shelves!

Art Rogers – Chatham Village Bears
So many characters with so much personality – as always.

John Paul Port – The Port Collection
We were excited that John was able to attend all the way from the other coast!

Dottie Ayers – The Calico Teddy

Annette Carmen – Charlie’s Bears

Allen Hsu – Teddy Bear Barn
I’m not sure how Allen manages all he has going on with traveling overseas to shows and teaching classes as well.  Nice job!

Pat Johnson – Teddies of Mt. Holly

Elizabeth Taylor – Elizabeth Taylor Studio
Just a small peak at a portion of her table.

Diana Lee Palomba – Timeless Expressions

Shelia Westerfield – Bears with a Heart

Marty Bumala – Waverly Crossing Bears

Darlene Allen – Raspbeary Bears

Penny French – Back Mountain Bears

Pam Kisner – The Bear Maker

Kathy Starks – Starks Bears

Mary Dowd – Mary Dowd Bears


Deanna Slaght – D-Bears

Donna Nielsen – Cookies Critters
Donna did a great job of putting on the show for all of us!

A photo of some pins by Cindy Malchoff

Cindy Malchoff – My Apple Tree

Dolores Austin – Bearied Treasures by Dolores

And last, but not least, is Sebastian with his friend Ashton.  Ashton has been on bearbits before and it is always a thrill when they can meet up and catch up with what’s new since they were last together.  As for the lighted Christmas drum, I have a scant few photos of it in progress so I’ll post those next.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed this virtural tour of the show!

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  1. Lovely Beary Tables! Thanks for sharing! Greetings and Bearhugs to Sebastian!

  2. Oh! I see the two little buddies I just bought sitting next to each other on the table, hanging out! I can't wait to meet them!


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