Monday, April 18, 2016

Last Set of WIP Photos Before the Finale

This last set of WIP  photos show some of the details that I added to the interior of this honey bee piece.

I spent one entire evening making itty bitty honey jar labels.

I think there were over 200.  I like to have choices!  I have a lot leftover.

I needed a couple of plates for some tasting samples so I decided to customize some unfinished wooden ones I had on hand.  This shows the bottom painted at various stages.

I used the same technique for these wooden  honeycombs.  They will be additional signage.

I chose a bee design to decorate the front  of the plates.  Then I made decals of it and applied them. I had a lot of fun with it!

I think my most favorite part of this project is the food for the sampling plates.  My daughter custom made them for me.  (Check out  her etsy page!  PetiteFare)  There is toast, waffles and biscuits – all drizzled with honey!


The tables that hold the samples are created from paper mache box lids.  I didn’t photograph the process but I began by painting them  a warm yellow color – a couple of coats.  Then I created decals for the surface design.  (I really got into making decals!)

The bee charms hanging from the table edges are another fun feature.

Next time I will share photos of the finished piece.  Thank you for reading!


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