Monday, April 10, 2017

Part 2–WIP Photos for the Philadelphia Show Gallery

A few more photos of my gallery piece under construction.  In these you might see it starting to come together.

A little more detail added to the bricks.

A peek at some of the infrastructure.

One of several small projects to incorporate into the piece.

This was the beginning of the most detailed part.  It’s an odd shape.

And lots and lots ‘rivets’ (formerly googly eyes)

Painting – 2nd layer of several.

Background.  I had one piece of paper that I wanted to use from my stash.  “Don’t goof it up”, I thought.

This photo where I was placing some of the parts and pieces is a bit misleading.  It kind of looks like I was just laying stuff down in a way that it would fit together.  There isn’t a photo of the  hours and hours of creating the ‘pipes’, TV style monitor, the ‘wavy’ solution that fuels the operation, the wiring of lights and other bits not shown. 

I have one more set of WIP photos and then I will show the finished piece.  It was both maddening and fun to create – I suppose it helped not knowing what I was getting myself into!


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