Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why You Seldom See the Food Here

Over the weekend, we visited two cafes we had never been to before. These photos are from the first one. It wasn’t a fancy place but it was full of atmosphere. It was in an old building and it had two entrances - one on one side of the café and one on the other. Traditionally, you would have a front door and a back door but because of the hilly terrain you could enter on the first floor on one side and go up to the restaurant or you could go in the opposite street level entrance which opened directly into the restaurant.

This was our table by the window

with a view of a nearby mountain.

While waited for our food to arrive, I pulled out my camera. Looking around at the character of the place, the wood floors, the window plants, and the chalkboard menu all seem photo worthy. Even the servers had their own unique personality. Then I heard someone say, “Here comes our order.” When that happens something clicks in my brain and it goes something like this:

“Oh yea! Food! I’m hungry. I’m glad it’s ready. I can’t wait to find out what it’s like. I wonder if it will be as delicious as it looks. Boy, oh boy! It sure smells good. I am ready to dig in and give it a try. I must put my camera away and pull out my fork. You certainly can’t eat with a camera.”

See where I go astray? Food arrives, camera gets turned off. About halfway through the meal, it occurs to me that I have completely demolished the lovely cuisine in front of me with nary a thought to showing you what I had before me. Not only that, it happens almost every time we try a new and interesting looking café or restaurant.

Here’s the café at night which seems to be a popular spot any time of day.

This time of year, you can enjoy the open air atmosphere while still dining inside.

As for showing what I’ve ordered, I’d like to say I’ll do better next time, but it wasn’t 24 hours before it happened again. I don’t think there’s much hope for me. Thankfully, the teddies aren’t consumable or there probably wouldn’t be many photos of them either!


  1. Well I needed a good chuckle today! Thanks and I want to go to that place. It looks like fun. Sharon

  2. hehe...I'm the same when it comes to food!! what a nice little place!! :D

  3. Well when you are hungry you are hungry!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. I LOVE your redone studio!!!!

    I can only dream of the day when I'll have a space and not just a bag to work out of!

    I adore the cupcake lights! And your bears who are hanging around!

    Also, I really love your new header!! It combines three of my favorite things; bears, rainy days and travel!

  5. nice place, i like this kind of place, they are special.


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