Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Studio Tour – Part 2

I’ve gotten the photos all ready for the second half of the studio tour. Are you ready to see the rest? If so, come on in. If you will recall, the first half primarily included photos of my workspace. This portion of the tour begins with an area where my husband and I share many evenings, sometimes watching a favorite TV show or a movie.

We moved the table/chest from another room so we can enjoy it more. It’s just the right height for resting a cup of coffee or tea.

Next to this area are more shelves with a few of my favorite quotes. My daughter and I both agree we like this arrangement of supplies, bears and other things better than before. It’s more friendly and cozy and my resources for my work are still easily accessible.

This bear, one of our favorites, is a new resident of this room. Everyone needs a change of scenery now and then.

Since my husband and I both spend time here, I included a few things from his collection – a few old bottles and this old camera. That teddy in the back is one my mom and dad gave me for Christmas one year.

Below the shelves on both sides, I added some small clotheslines. In this section, you can see a couple of small aprons I created from some fabrics and laces my mother had in her sewing room.

This is the other side of the room – another set of shelves, different quotes. I look back now and wonder if I could do all these quotes again. Probably, but I think I’d rather not just now. Whew!

The real sewing machine sits here along with a toy iron. I had always wanted one that really heated up. Now you see those small craft irons in the stores quite frequently. I would have loved one way back then.

These tiles with artwork by Jenna Colby were also in another room. We purchased these at a Seattle flea market last summer. I believe I have finally found their proper place.

Part of the clothesline on this side of the room has a couple of favorite cards and a teddy bear dress my mom made several years ago.

It’s all here – all the techno gadgets of the modern world. We both use ’em but it’s my husband that keeps ‘em workin’.

Finally, the finishing touch was the fairy lights we installed on the ceiling. We had such a good time at the enchanted coffee house, we thought we would try recreate a little of that magical feeling here in the studio. I think it worked. Now if I can just find some fairy dust!

That concludes the tour. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Now it’s time to go for a mocha latte and enjoy a brief rest before returning to the sometimes crazy world of teddy bears.


  1. Mi querida Ginger,lo primerome encanta tu entrada de blog es super graciosa y el blog por lo que he visto,tenemos muchas cosas en común ,me encanta la restauración,la fotografia,las cosas viejas,los trabajos,felicidades por este blog,lleno de ternura y recuerdos dónde se vé el cariño que pones en ello.besos Victoria y ya me quedo en este blog para seguirte.

  2. You did a great job! I know you will enjoy your room even more now!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Oh it is just perfect. Ginger I have it on good knowledge that the bears love it too. Sharon PS Just love all the sweet touches youadd.

  4. Lovely room Ginger, one which will be a pleasure to work in I'm sure.

  5. i love the room Ginger,look bright and comfy.

  6. Finally catching up ... the studio looks great Ginger!
    And that new header on your blog...WOW! Very appropriate, I think.

  7. Thank you all for stopping by to take the tour. I am happy to have a few guests in my 'new' place. I appreciate all of your comments so very much!


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