Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have a seat?

Yesterday as I was returning from visiting my dad (Hey Daddy!), I decided to stop and take a photo or two of a chair I had seen that might be good for someone's summer respite. I didn’t know if you might be in the market for a chair but this one had almost all the qualities of a good porch rocker.

When I stopped to take a closer look, I realized that wasn’t the only chair on display. There was an Adirondack style one too.

Actually, upon reflection, I’m not sure that either of these would be a good fit for a porch. They are probably better as garden chairs . . .

if you have a good size garden.

In any case, even if they had been for sale, I don’t think they would have fit in my car.

Perhaps you know where Hagrid lives? Do you think he needs a new chair for his cottage?


  1. Oh, how funny! Hagrid indeed. Just his size!

  2. :D yeaH! Maybe thi chair belong to Hagrid, and he was out there looking for some new creature!!(hum...a fan of Harry Potter here..)

  3. Oh yeah I do think that would go great in Hagrid's cottage!
    Sorry you couldn't get it in your car!
    Hugs, Lisa


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