Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today . . .





all the


entries so far.

I want to close my eyes and take a nap, too.


Thank you all for entering.


  1. Oh dear Sebastion you look totaly pooped.

  2. awwww you go and take a nap little bear but be careful you don't hurt yourself with those sharp instruments near you :) love mouse xxxx

  3. poor baby bear that is so cute. I can only imagine how many you have to count that bee bear is adorable!!

  4. Hi Sebastian,

    Where are your glasses? Be careful not to get eye strain.


  5. Aww, no wonder he's worn out, it's very difficult for a wee bear to count things you know, they can only go to 4 - one paw, two paws, three paws, four, and then they have to start all over again, we're at a very unfair advantage being able to go all the way to 20 in one go ;o)

  6. I'm surprised those little paws aren't nearly worn out with all that work. Have a good rest.

  7. Oh, I hope I win...Sebastian, please choose my name...
    Ooh, I just read the donuts post. I love the chocolate glazed cream filled ones...this post is enough to make me get in the car and go there right now...when I was growing up, anytime we went to Birmingham, we had to stop at Krispy Kreme. I may have to stop by there tomorrow while I'm downtown...there goes my diet.
    Mama Bear

  8. @ Kays Kids - Well, Sebastian was fine. Smiling actually because this was another bear entirely. But that's okay - it's hard to tell with his eyes covered! :)

    @ Debora - :)

    @ Mouse - He'll be careful. I'm the one that usually gets poked!

    @ Betweens - Thankfully, it's just keeping a record of entries and not actually counting them ourselves. I tend to lose interest in counting after about 7!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Oh. Maybe that's the problem - no glasses!

    @ Katy - Hadn't thought of that. Yes, I think you are right. It is much easier for a barefooted human.

    @ Justflo - We do like to rest. We're very good at resting. We practice a lot!

    @ Love Bears All Things - I know. I know. It hardly takes anything at all to tempt me in the direction of KK donuts! M-m-m-m.


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