Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Weigh In

On the way out, there’s the weigh in.



  1. Uh Oh, been eating to many donuts.
    Mama Baear

  2. Weigh in? I'd have thought he'd be going air mail ;o)

  3. awwww that is soo cute :) hope your new home is lovely for you :) love mouse xxx

  4. Oh! I hope you didn't eat tooooo much honey before your trip. Tell them not to crush your beautiful wings.
    Hugs Kay

  5. Oooooo! I just LOVE this guy, Ginger!! I don't know if he's heading to TBAI, but I know I'm in trouble regardless. Me and my "I don't collect bears"--yeah, right.


  6. HAHA... I suspect he's too heavy to fly himself XD

  7. Absolutamente adorable.
    Me encantan esas alitas a juego con el pañuelo y el sombrerito.
    besitos ascension

  8. Beautiful. What a face, you could hug him to bits.

  9. Замечательный малыш.

  10. Какой чудный, волшебный малыш! Яркие крылья, милый взгляд и мягкая шерстка - все что нужно для лучшего друга!

  11. @ Love Bears All Things - Too funny but you may be right!

    @ Alicia - Thank you!!!

    @ Katy - Hm-m-m-m. You may have a point. Perhaps he's trying to save some energy??

    @ Mouse - I am sure it will be. Thanks for the good wishes!

    @ Kays Kids - The wings are very sturdy so I think he'll be okay. M-m-m-m. Honey . . .

    @ Cheryl - I've said that too. Funny how we manage to convince ourselves of that!

    @ Heather - A little bit heavier than the regular fairies but light in spirit!

    @ Joanne - Thanks and it truly is fun to create these little sprites!

    @ Kristen - Thanks so much!

    @ flamingo - Thank you too! =D

    @ Leny - Thank you Leny! Hope we get to meet sometime!

    @ Ascension - Thank you! Muchas gracias! You are so kind!

    @ Justflo - Awwwww. Thanks!

    @ рыжая - Thank you!!!

    @ Doris - Hi Doris! Muchas gracias!

    @ kastra - You are very kind! He appreciates your sweet thoughts! I do too!


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