Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sebastian’s Favorite Blog Game

Hi ho. Sebastian here. How ya been? I’m fine. Thanks for asking! I’ve been itchin’ to play a game with my favorite peeps. (That’s you if you didn’t know that already!) And why not play my favorite blog game of all time? It’s called “Guess Where I Am”. I’m sure we’ve played this before though I’m not sure if I called it that. It’s a bear’s prerogative to change the name of the game! Anyway, here’s how you play. I’ll show you a photo of me and you try to guess where I am. The photo that follows will give it away so try not to peek ahead. I’ll give you a hint to start off. These photos were taken in Philadelphia so that narrows it down for you.

Here’s the first one. I thought I would start off with an easy one just to get you going. If you read the last bearbits post, you should get this one with no problem.

Did ya guess right? Yep, that’s me propped up in Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Okay, now it’s going to get a wee bit harder but these next few are related so that might give you a hint. Where am I now?

Oh my. Did you guess it? Yep, your eyes aren’t fooling you. That’s one huge game piece I’m sitting on.

Now that last one should give you a little idea of where I am. Just take a wild, wild guess.

Ha ha. It’s another giant game piece but this time it’s the Monopoly hat!

With that in mind (hint, hint: Monopoly), guess where I am this time?

Did you figure out that I was on the Monopoly iron?

Okay, now you are all warmed up. I LOVE that you are such good sports. Guess this one.

Bingo! The iconic LOVE sculpture. I know I have been here before but the last time I didn’t get to sit in it. What a view I had!

Now I made this one kind of hard but it sure was fun. Maybe I can talk Ginger into showing you a few more photos of it sometime. Got any ideas?

It is a sculpture called Freedom. There was a lot to look at with this one. How close were you?

Finally, I’m giving you an easy one. Can you guess where I am?

You got it! I’m at the teddy bear show meeting someone new called Adora. And I do. I adora her!  Well, that’s it for me for now. I hope you had fun! You guys are the best. See you later alligator.




  1. Dear Sebastian!
    Your lovely and exciting game is Fun! You have spotted great places!
    It must be very difficult to climb up so High! Isn't that a bit dangerous too?
    Anyway I loved this fine game with you! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Kikka,

      I'm glad you had fun! I did too. You are an excellent player. I will tell you a little secret. Sometimes on the high places I get a little bit of help but I'm not afraid. Someone is always nearby to make sure I am safe. See you next time!


  2. son unas fotos fantasticas , la verdad es que solo he adivinado la primera fotografia , pero me han encantado todas



    1. Hi Mari,

      I am happy that you liked the photos! I am not surprised that you guessed the first one! You are very smart! I am happy that you enjoyed playing my game!


  3. Hi Sebastian,

    You are in Philadelphia at the bear show, correct? The LOVE photo you posted last year, and the city is called "Brotherly Love", this was a fun game.

    Adora? Do I sense a "bearing" romance beginning? Don't be shy, everybear knows that I am in love with Wilbur. ♥ Sigh......

    at the wild crocodile.......

    Now I have the giggles.


    1. Hi Prudence,

      Yes, I was in Philadelphia and we had so much fun. I think you should come sometime - it would be fun to meet you in the fur. Adora is a real sweetie and Ginger tells me to be on my best behavior and not corrupt her. I can't imagine what she means by that. I'm sure Wilbur knows that you are in love with him.

      Have fun!

  4. Granny and I loved your game Sebastian. The one we loved most was the freedom statue. We think that is wonderful.
    Wow you sure did meet an adorable little red bear. We would love to see more pictures and games one day.
    Hugs Wilbur

    1. Hi Wilbur,

      I am so glad that you and Granny played the game together. I thought it would be fun for both humans and bears! I do love the Freedom sculpture too. You would love it. So many details. I will see what I can cook up in the way of games so we can all have some more fun!

      hugs to you and Granny,


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