Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hiding in Plain Sight – Part 2

As an addition to my last post I thought I would add these photos taken this morning of the mama deer returning to look after her babies – twins, I guess you would say.

I don’t doubt that she sees us watching her from our kitchen window or the porch.

Of course, we try to be very careful not to frighten her.

She stays alert for whatever is going on around her

while the babies are just glad that mom has come back because they are hungry!


This evening, we were lucky to be around when the mom returned. After she left, the little ones played a game of tag. So adorable.


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  1. Hi Ginger. Thank you for posting those pictures. Your home must have a safe feel for her. I guess she comes back at night to protect them and keep them warm. Nature is wonderful.
    Hugs Kay


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