Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just one more day –

I think that will give me enough time to get the last bits together to reveal my next giveaway – photos, text, and organizing myself as well as the Internet show I have coming up fairly soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a project that very few people have had a chance to see.

A couple of days ago, my son & his lovely wife celebrated their second anniversary. Of course that means that slightly more than two years ago, we were in the middle of planning a wedding. What a great time that was! Hectic, but great nonetheless.

Our part was the rehearsal dinner. I wasn’t exactly sure how it should be done and eventually we all decided we’d just go with the flow. Yet, I wanted it to be special and memorable and I thought I really should make some bears to commemorate the occasion. How to do it? How to do it? I wanted to incorporate their love of music which was an important part of their lives, the colors they had chosen for the wedding, and bears. What an interesting challenge.

Then I came across this in an issue of Somerset Wedding –

and there was also this –

It definitely had the music aspect. And instead of paper dolls or photos, I could substitute teddy bears – in their colors.

Then I had to figure out how to make the rest of the dinner decorations align with this centerpiece which was going to be a surprise. At the time, they were going to college about 35 minutes away. One day they had something they needed from our house so they called and said they were dropping by to pick it up in a few minutes. I had everyone rushing around hiding things – “Gather up the flowers! Stash the box in the closet! Bury that music under that magazine!” Gee, it’s nice to have a family that will step in to help you in a pinch! It was kind of amusing to see everyone jump into hyper drive! And no one was the wiser.

Back to the dinner plans – I needed an idea for invitations first, then place cards and favors as well as the cake and a few pretty potted plants for the tables. I returned to perusing magazines and this cover jumped out at me -

and then I came across this beautiful and inspiring layout inside –

That was it! With a few minor changes to personalize it for the happy couple, this idea would be the one.

These were our invites with their very own monogram incorporating a treble clef and their initials -

and our favor boxes -

And our place cards which had one idea that added to the fun. I obtained photos of both the bride and groom as children and printed them on the backs of the place cards. That REALLY started some conversations – all in good fun of course.

And finally the centerpiece with the teddies -

In looking back through the photos now, we had a fabulous time with family and friends. I’d do it again in an instant! Belated Happy Anniversary, J&J!!!!


  1. What lovely wedding decorations, especially the little mohair bears!!! They are so sweet!
    It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

  2. How beautiful everything was. How much fun. Sharon

  3. What a very talented lady you are :O)

    I love your wedding decorations....I REALLY love those adorable little bears on your cake topper, what a fantastic and original idea.....well done you :O)


  4. Oh Ginger...Your centerpiece is just amazing! So perfect and beautiful. The bears are just adorable!! You are so talented...what a mom!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. Oh These are so cool! Mom said that she saw them! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. lovely wedding decorations, and so cute bears.


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