Thursday, May 21, 2009

Object: Scissors

My mind wanders when I am working. Sometimes I listen to the radio to keep it from wandering too far, but at other times, I just let it go where it darn well pleases. Like many of you, I have tools that I rely on while I am working and today I was thinking about scissors. People who use them a lot will tell you they have a favorite pair and are very careful about loaning them out. I’m like that with some of mine. I did say some, because I have a lot of scissors. I didn’t mean to end up with them all; they just sort of arrived at different times for different reasons.

Take this pair for instance. These are designed as appliqué scissors. I don’t think I’ve ever used them for that, but I do like that curvy blade which goes underneath. I use them all the time for cutting mohair, alpaca, viscose and almost any fur fabric that I turn into teddy bears. How did I end up with 4 pair? Well, I think there’s actually 5 pair, and I’m not exactly sure how they all got here. (That’s the story I’m sticking with . . .)

Then there are these sweet little things. Years ago, a very good friend of mine who quilted had a pair of these and I gave them a try. Needless to say, now I have two pair myself. They are very good for snipping threads and believe me, I snip a lot of threads – all day long. They are petite but very sharp. I’ve nearly worn the gold finish off of one pair.

This pair is always on my desk too. They are slightly bigger than the ones above and a bit more heavy-duty. They also snip threads, clip curves, and sometimes I even use them to trim the fur on a bear face when I can’t put my hands on my favorite ones above.

My mother would always say you shouldn't use your fabric scissors to cut paper and vice versa. So, this is one pair of my designated paper scissors. Paper dolls, Victorian scrap, collage papers, newspaper clippings, gift wrap and coupons on occasion are among the innumerable things I cut with these babies.

Okay, I think that’s enough of letting my mind wander today. I’ve got a little guy that needs arms and legs and it would be a sad situation if I were not to give him some.


  1. I love the applique scissors, I've never seen any of those before. I'm very "precious" with my scissors and won't allow anyone else to use them at all. My excuse is that I'm left handed and so I cut differently to a right handed person. LOL I can't get on with left handed scissors mind you. x

  2. That's too funny! I'm left-handed too. I'll have to remember your reasoning next time I encounter someone wanting to borrow my special snips! I cut with my right hand too and can't use left-handed scissors either. I do almost everything else with my left hand though.

  3. Oh, yeah, those applique scissors are Gingher brand from here in North Carolina. Here's their website: The applique scissors are listed under "Special Use" on the second page of selections.

  4. Very Cool collection of scissors! Memphis (nephew) would LOVE visiting you. We has a hair cut a few weeks ago among other cuts, and we'er sure we'll find more cuts here and there. eek!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. crafters are entitled to collect (hoard) things. :) your collection is really interesting-i've not seen the applique scissors. thanks for sharing.

  6. My mother always say me this too!!,i have one favourite scissor,is a old one DMC is so perfect to make hardanger, is my treasure.

  7. I can still hear my father saying not to use that fabric scissors for paper and the deadly sin, use it for cutting aluminium foil (is this an english word? I mean metal wrapper). I like to use my own tools and I hate it if anyone used them and didn't put them back!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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