Friday, June 26, 2009

In the Middle of the Night

Last night while I was happily in dreamland, I became vaguely aware of some rustling. Then, I wasn’t quite sure, but I thought I heard some whispering. I felt fairly confident that no strangers were in the house but I was positively curious as to what I was hearing. I slipped out of bed and snuck over to the doorway. Yep, I definitely heard some whispering. I carefully peered around the corner down the hall and saw that the computer monitor was brightly lit when it is supposed to be in sleep mode. Then I noticed the distinct outline of several furry bear heads. I knew something was up and knowing the bears, it was certainly worth investigating. I crept down the hall a few more feet so I could hear what they were saying more clearly.

Webster: I think if we look on her blog, we can see the mountains.
Sam: I wonder why they didn’t take us with them when they went.
Henry: I want to see the mountains!
Molly: I’ll bet they are lovely. I wonder if there are any photos of black bears.
Henry: I want to see the mountain goats!
Webster: Mountain goats? Who told you there were mountain goats?
Henry: They went to the mountains, didn’t they? And don’t mountain goats live on mountains? I’ve never seen a mountain goat and I want to see one.
Sam: How do mountain goats keep from falling down when they are on a mountain?
Webster: They have uneven legs.
Molly: What?!
Sam: Uneven legs?
Webster: Yes, their two right legs are shorter than their left legs. It makes it easy for them to stand on the mountain and eat the grass.
Molly: If they want to go to a different part of the mountain, how do they turn around?
Webster: They don’t turn around! They just walk around the mountain in the same direction until they get where they want to go.
Henry: Wow! Is it always the right legs that are shorter?
Webster: Almost all the time, but every so often, a baby goat will be born the other way, with his left legs shorter than his right legs.
Molly: What happens then?
Webster: When they are kids, they just look at their mamas all the time, but when they get bigger they are always facing the wrong direction. When a mountain lion comes along and scares the herd, they all run away in the same direction but the left-legged goats run the opposite way.
Sam: I never knew that.
Henry: So they are either left-legged or right legged?
Webster: Not always. Sometimes on a rare occasion their front legs will be shorter. Then they are always facing uphill.
Sam: Do they call them front-leggers?
Webster: No, they are called Northies. Then every once in a blue moon, a baby goat will be born with his back legs shorter and they always face downhill.
Sam: And they are called Southies, right?
Webster: No, they are called back-leggers.
Sam: That makes no sense.
Henry: I want to see the mountain goats!
Molly: You can’t see mountain goats until you see the mountains.
Henry: I want to see the mountain goats! I want to see the right-leggers, the left-leggers, the Northies and the back-leggers!
Webster: I can’t find the photos. She must not have put them up yet. I think she’s been kind of busy packing Posy’s travelling case. I’ll tell you what. Next time they go out for a café mocha, we'll sneak back in here and check again.
Henry: And see the mountain goats?
Webster: Yes, we’ll see the mountain goats. And the mountain lions. I heard them say they petted a mountain lion that was wearing a pink hat.
Sam: No self-respecting mountain lion would wear pink. I think you must be mistaken. They must have said “mink hat”.
Molly: No, I think it was an “ink hat”.
Webster: What in the world is an “ink hat”?
Henry: Maybe it was a “sink hat”?
Molly: A “sink hat”?!!

And with that I realized that the whispers could go on long into the night. I slipped back down the hall, climbed back into my bed, nestled under the covers, closed my eyes and dreamed of goats with uneven legs and mountain lions wearing sinks on their heads.


  1. You are adorable! I love your creative writing ... have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Ha ha, such a cute story, crazy things going on over at your house!!!! I am going to have check on my bears at night!!! Take care!
    Margaret B

  3. Now that is a great bedtime story that I am reading at 9AM and giggling. If you have forgotten Posys new address I'll be happy to give you mine. LOL I have already alerted Barb that I am just in the state above her and I might just drop down to visit Posy and her ofcourse.... Sharon

  4. How very cool! I'm glad you didn't stay up for the whole thing you would be very sleepy now!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. i believe my bears whisper to one another on the sopfa in my living room too. i should try to peep what they are up to when i go to bed some time... enjoyed your post. :)


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