Monday, June 28, 2010


Over the weekend we went to visit our daughter for a couple of days. So instead of photos of progress I made on the box from my last post, I am sharing photos of an unplanned stop on our trip.

We passed a sign that noted a historical covered bridge. We wanted to stretch our legs a bit so we decided to investigate. I think covered bridges are interesting and I learned there are only two remaining in North Carolina.

We walked across this creek


then started down this path


we walked a little ways more – it was so peaceful there.
No one else was around.


We crossed this bridge that had no railings and


at the end of the trail was the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge.
It was built in 1894.


This shows you the inside.  The bridge was restored in 1994.


This is how it appeared if you were approaching it from the other side in your horse and buggy.


And this rose, growing along my fence, is for you. My way of saying Thank You! for visiting here.


Now I am back at home aiming to make some progress on my TBAI project. I will share my photos of it coming together.


  1. Wonderfully atmospheric photos! Your covered bridges are something special.

  2. Hmm! In the wedding insanity I missed your box post!

    I can't wait to see how that one turns out... and I love the historical detour!

  3. What a wonderful little side-trip. Thanks for taking us along!
    Have a great week, Ginger!

  4. I enjoyed the walk! Hugs from Vicki


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