Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iowa Travelogue 7

Alas, we have now arrived at my last travelogue post. It’s so hard to believe it’s all over . . . but I still want to tell you all about the show so here we go.







I have never seen so much rain fall from the sky the first morning of the show. We had the greatest hopes that the downpour would ease off by the time we needed to unload. Being a little bear, it wouldn’t do for me to have to slog through giant puddles even if I was only responsible for carrying the writing pen.

But we were able to set up without too much rain and, as you can see in this photo of the corn man from the parade that day, the weather did improve somewhat. At least it wasn’t raining any longer.


Now here are two views of the show:


Row after row of teddy bears


and the occasional mohair table.


By the second day, it finally dawned on me that ‘two of us’ had chairs to sit in and ‘one’ of us did not. Isn’t that always the way? Eventually, they began to see the light and a chair just my size was purchased for me to sit in at the show. (The funniest thing is that they had to leave their chairs there and I was able to bring mine with me!)


As promised, we were able to upload photos of almost all of the tables from the show. So, if you want a virtual tour at your leisure, you can check them out at Ginger’s shutterfly site. Here’s the link:

Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland Show Photos

All in all it was wonderful - especially the people. I hope you have enjoyed my travelogue and I want to tell you all how very much I appreciate your visits with me. Each of you is just as wonderful as can be.

Thank you. Now I return this blog to its rightful writer.

All the best from me,

the travelin’ ted


  1. Oh travelin'ted I loved your travelogue so much! I've enjoyed seeing all the wonderful bears and sharing in the experience, thanks so much :-)

  2. What a fabulous trip! My eyes can not see all those sweet teddy bears and take it all in! What a site to see! It sure goes fast, doesn't it! ♥

  3. *weep* Thank you for sharing... what an amazing show! I'm so sad I missed it!!! Dot is too. He feels there would have been at least a few bears there that would have understood him XD

    The pictures are awesome... and I'd love to see pics of who you took with you to find new homes too!!

  4. Aww, thank you for taking the trouble to write that up for us, with wee paws like that it must have been very difficult.

  5. I have enjoyed you travel log very much. It let me see parts of the Iowa that I don't travel to even though I live in Missouri. The bears are so awesome and I could see so many that would fit right in to my daughter's collection. Have a wonderful day and a safe trip home. The Rain is still hanging around. I just wish it would go away for a while.

  6. Me ha encantado viajar con vosotros y poder ver sitios a los que seguramente nunca podre ir.
    Ha sido un placer!!!
    Feliz regreso a casa!!!
    besitos ascension

  7. wow a lot of rain!!..
    the show look amazing.


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