Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Around Town

I snapped these photos when we went out a few nights ago. It’s a real treat to go into the historic neighborhoods and see how the homeowners have decorated the outside. I thought you might enjoy a quick peek at these too.


Look at all the greenery and garland.  And wreaths in every section of the front.  Inspiration for next year when I have scads of time and energy for this sort of thing.  We know that next year things will be different right?


This home was gorgeous with two flocked natural Christmas trees on the massive front porch.  The garland around the front door was opulent with ornaments and ribbons.  I think this one must have had a florist’s touch.  Huge Christmas balls even dangled from the plant hangers in the yard.  If you drive by slowly, you can get a glimpse of their mantle through the front window – it is amazing.  I apologize that there is no photo of it, but then it’s really not the time of year to be calling loved ones asking them to bail you out of the poky.


Lastly, I share with you the State Christmas tree.  I know it doesn’t really look all that much different from last year’s but I am always moved to see it standing so nobly in front of the Capitol with the flag flying in the background.

Christmas is still a few days away, so I hope you have time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday where you are.


  1. Hi Ginger,

    Thank you for the lovely tour.


  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Absolutely lovely. Around here we get lots of Christmas lights but not so much with the Historic houses.

    Oh sure... someday the ones here will be considered historic... but... we don't even want to look at them now, I can't imagine the future fawning over them XD

    Ok, not true. Actually, the historic part of Lansing, while still in a pretty rough patch of town, has some really beautiful historic houses... or at least, what were once beautiful.



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