Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Of Two Minds

Seriously, I have seen the weather reports. It is snowy, frigid and nearly impossible to get around in many parts of the country. It has been cold in Florida – as in “do their thermometers really go that low?” And we have had a taste of the chilly winds and cold temps here in North Carolina – nothing like in Ontario or Indiana, of course. Officially, winter doesn’t arrive for another week. Having said all this, I am of two minds. (That should come as no surprise. Actually, having only two minds might be rather a vacation. Yet again, I digress.)

You see, my feet are cold and my mind harkens back (isn’t that a great word? – harkens) to August when we walked barefoot on the sand of our favorite beach. It was a sunny, warm, and lazy day.


We could sit in the porch rockers and watch the other tourists poking along the island. My feet were not cold then.


Then I think back to January of this year when it snowed a decent bit. It was so pristine and peaceful looking.


And even though it makes my feet cold, I like the looks of the snow when it is new and fresh and everyone is warm and safe – inside enjoying a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa. It gives us sort of an unexpected day off; permission to play if you will.


The weatherman is saying we might get a wintry mix in the coming hours. Nothing is certain at this point. Therefore, I too am wavering. I am not sure which I prefer; the warmth of the sun and sand or the clean and clear of the snow?  Maybe a little of each?


  1. hard decision,in both case the sand look pretty...

  2. Hi Ginger,

    It would feel like summer here if it reached 50. Maybe today.

    I, too, love both worlds, although we don't get snow here (darn). Oh well......hope to go "back home" in a few years. (-:

    Thank you for the "warm thoughts".

    Merry Wednesday


  3. I love winter when everyone can stay safe and inside too.
    One thing I have never understood is, if it's too dangerous for us to send our kids out to school... why isn't it too dangerous for us?
    Corporate America demands blood sacrifices!!!

  4. Try a foot of snow for Thanksgiving, now monsoons and flooding (50 degrees yesterday) and now they are talking more snow. With skis in one hand and water flippers in the other, whats a girl suppose to do. I think I'll hid out in the studio, with my bear!

  5. Keep the sand, snow and cold and give me blue skies and sun any day, every day, all year long!! Have a wonderful Christmas Ginger...hugs to all the bears and family too!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  6. We've had snow for 3 weeks, it's melted some over the weekend, and all set to start again tomorrow and go right through to the new year - argh!

  7. I like when we wake to snow and it is so bright outdoors and so quiet but I'll have to vote for the sun and sand.
    Mama Bear


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