Monday, September 22, 2014

It’s Electric!

Friday night we donned glowing tubes of light,

joined this huge, huge crowd and participated in Electric Run, a 5K run after dark, but not necessarily in complete darkness. That’s where the electric (and fun) part comes in.  This photo was taken near the beginning at the front of the crowd looking back.  That’s a lot of people, people!

Runners got very creative with their lighted attire.  There were twinkling tutus and

flashing pigtails and

even a few Mohawks – wish I had thought of that!

We ran through various lands including the Electro Rainforest,

Under the Sea and

Rainbow Road.

We were offered water along the way – you couldn’t miss those glowing cups!

and ran through my favorite land, Sweet Tooth Acres with giant cupcakes,

ice cream cones,

candy sticks (that’s Jay by the way),

and gummy bears (that’s me).

Next year, if we go around again, I might just have to wear a twinkling tutu.


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  1. You totally need a twinkling tutu. And so does Sebastian...

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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