Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Progress

The new witch hat project is still underway and I have managed to make a little bit of progress.  Here is what I have done so far.  I made a pattern to create a fabric witch hat the same size as the paper mache one.

Now that I have it all sewn together

you can see them side by side.  It does seem a bit redundant, I grant you that.

I painted another coat of gesso on the paper mache version and

slipped the fabric version right on top of it – it was a pretty good fit.  Then I painted it with gesso too.

Here you can see it dried and ready to go.  I think it will make a great surface to work on.  Very much like an artist canvas.

I wanted the edge to be nice and clean for whatever comes after so I clipped it to turn it under.  Eventually, this will be finished underneath when I have finished painting.

Here’s the edge much improved.  So far so good.

Now it is ready for the next phase but the real question is: Am I?  I finally gave in and bought one of these non-stick craft surfaces and I can tell you now that I’ve used it a bit, I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner.  That’s called living and learning.

I need to get my ideas to gel and put some paint on this thing.  It’s the only thing between me and where I want to take this haunted hat.  As Pooh says, “Think, Think, Think.”



  1. A haunted hat... May be it will fly with out any one wearing it. May be the person is invisible. Wilbur is writing down all the possibilities.
    It is looking just like and artists canvas.
    Hugs Granny and Wilbur

  2. Damn, that thinking will get you every time


    We don't know what she means!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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