Monday, August 14, 2017

Our First Trip to Tokyo – Part 1

On our way to Tokyo for the first time, we stopped in California to visit with our daughter before heading to Japan.

Sebastian loved being back in California.  No doubt it doesn’t hurt that there’s a bear on the California flag and in this symbol of the City of Glendale.


We stopped now and again for treats we don’t easily find at home.  Yum!


After just a few short days, it was time to board the plane bound for Tokyo.  Jay was thrilled to find we would be flying on this BB8 decorated airplane.


There was so much to see in Tokyo, I decided just to embrace whatever came along so you will see photos of some fairly random things in addition to city photos.

We came across this view on our way to a restaurant the first night.  Sebastian liked seeing all the city lights.


A cool  looking McDonald’s delivery vehicle and a snapshot of fabrics in one of the shops we stopped in – and will visit again . . .

oftt-p1_19   oftt-p1_18

There are no manhole covers like this on my street!  These stairs were pretty interesting too.

oftt-p1_5   oftt-p1_6

Sebastian posing on a street sign near our hotel.


Can you find Sebastian in this photo?  Sebastian is 6 inches tall so imagine  how big this bear was.  Floor to ceiling!


This is Takeshita Street.  A terrific place with loads of tiny shops selling all kinds of  cute things.  I left a good chunk of my money here.


This is a contrast of two streets at different times.  On the left is the famous Shibuya Crossing where throngs of people (I was one of them) cross the street in organized chaos.  One, two, three, go!  The other is a street that was closed to traffic on the weekend.  It was very cool to see it this way.

oftt-p1_10   oftt-p1_11

When we were at EPCOT one time, we asked a Japanese cast member what one thing we should do as first time tourists in Japan and she said “Visit the Tokyo Tower at night.”  So we did.  It was magnificent.


This young lady was so sweet and cute.  She greeted those coming in to purchase tickets to go up into the tower.


Here is a photo I took from inside the tower.  You could see 360° of Tokyo.


Just a random photo while walking the city streets at night.


This was an incredible selection of beautiful handkerchiefs.


We had fun seeing things we don’t see at home like these capsule machines that dispensed collectible things.  We had to try one!


So that’s Part 1.  I hope you enjoyed these photos.  I’ll be back with Part 2 in a bit.

As always, Sebastian and I appreciate your visit!


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  1. Oh Ginger, The shot of the wall of handkerchiefs is fantastic! Part of my getting dressed every morning is putting a hanky in my pocket. You just can't find them easily here anymore. I usually have to resort to Ebay or Etsy. To be able to walk in somewhere and see a selection would bowl me over! As always Sebastian seems to have been having fun.


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