Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our First Trip to Tokyo – Part 2

These next photos of Tokyo completely skip over the two days we spent at Disney. That would be DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. They each deserve their own post - probably more than that even but I am focusing on what we saw in our city explorations. I might post some Disney photos later. Sebastian is in quite a few of those.

Anywho . . .

This is a view of the breakfast buffet in our hotel.  Loads of fresh fruit was how I began each day.  And Jay would kindly make some toast for me.  There were also Japanese options if you preferred that to the Western breakfast.


I snapped this photo in the subway on our way to visit the Sensoji Shrine.


We passed through this shopping arcade on the way too.  Looking back at these photos there is so much I would go back and do more thoroughly.  Time is always a constraint!


Sebastian wanted to pose with this menacing looking fellow.  I heard a few people giggling when he did so.  So funny!


I loved these colorful decorations lining this street – also on the way to Sensoji.


Here’s a photo of Sensoji Temple.  Loads of tourists here.


And a couple of close-ups of details –including the fountain where you could sip water for blessings.

oftt-p2_8   oftt-p2_9

This pair of Buddha was impressive.  The one on the right is said to bring mercy.  The one on the left is said to bring wisdom.


We thoroughly enjoyed walking through the streets of Tokyo on the way to visit the Skytree.  Here’s a view of it from a distance.


And closer up.  Way up!!!


Just one of many photos I took from the tower.  Tokyo is a massive city.


I took these last three  photos on our last day.  We walked all over the place and came across this street on our way to somewhere.  It was raining on and off so we purchased an umbrella for ¥300.  It looks like a lot of money but actually equates to about $3.00.


It stopped raining long enough for Sebastian to have his photo made with this polar bear.  He was happy to get out of the backpack.


This is the famous Hattori clock tower.  It sits atop the Wako Department Store.  Another place to check out next time.


What a terrific city!  The people are lovely.  I can’t wait to visit again.  I’m sure my list will be even longer next time now that I know a little bit more than I did.  If you have been and have suggestions, please leave a comment.  We appreciate all the advice we were given before!

Thanks for reading!


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