Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who Do You Think Was More Surprised?

This is one of those stories that make a moment memorable, very memorable. Funny, silly and yes, memorable. You see a good friend of mine was having a birthday and it was going to be a surprise. The small group of friends gathered at the appropriate time. Timing is everything you know. It was my very first surprise party and I was enjoying being in on the secret.

We entered her empty house because she had been dutifully taken out to dinner. We all went right into the preparations. I mean, you wouldn’t want the birthday girl to walk in and all the guests still sorting out the party now would you?

First there was the floral arrangement.

Then there were the plates, the napkins, the party hat and so forth.

Lastly, there was the lovely and beautifully made birthday dessert cake. I’d love to be able to list and describe the many scrumptious layers under those expertly place cherries but there were quite a few. I remember strawberries, and chocolate ganache all made by the daughter of one of the guests. I think being her cake taster would be a really good job. But there were several volunteers for that position so I think I’m pretty far down the list.

Everything was ready and we decided we would wait just outside the back door until the birthday girl came in the front door and we would walk in singing Happy Birthday.

But . . .

um . . .

we had a little glitch.

Just a small one . . .

Tiny in fact.

You see when we went out the back door . . .

we kinda locked ourselves out.

Happy Birthday dear friend!


  1. Oh how funny. That will be a good laugh to remember. Sharon

  2. OH NO!! Hope it all worked out!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. I love your rendition of the event...many more fun details than I'd heard. And I love the pictures! Thanks for celebrating & loving my mom so well. :) -Heather


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