Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Things You See and Hear

I cannot say that these photos and the things I overheard while in the Big Apple only occur there but I can say for the most part, it would be very unusual to see them or hear them where I live.

First I present you with something that one might see occasionally in New York City, but it just struck me as kind of odd. While on the subway late one night, we saw this guy with his surf board. I couldn't quite figure out where he was going, but I'm sure he had a plan.

Overheard on the subway: An older gentleman saying everyone has a bag. It didn't use to be this way. Nowadays, everyone has a bag. My thoughts were "And. . . ?"

Anything for a buck. A gentleman pulled this huge snake out of a sack and was offering tourists a chance to hold it and have their photo taken with it wrapped around them. This guy was the first customer of the day. I passed on the opportunity. Maybe next time . . .

Here's a sight we don't often see here in North Carolina. Okay. Okay. We hardly ever see here in North Carolina. Oh alright. I've never seen this in North Carolina . . . so far. A line of Statue of Liberty imitators. It'll cost you $5 to have your photo made with one.

Overheard in a shop: I didn't realize that models needed so much babysitting.

Looking for a button? This giant button and needle identifies a place where you can find information on New York's fashion district.

These two guys were sitting on the sidewalk on the way back to our hotel. It could be a problem fitting them into a suitcase though.

Overheard in Times Square around 10pm at night: Will you marry me?

These dancers were in a cupcake shop up high near the ceiling. There's just something about dancing cupcakes wearing tutus and garters.

This older gentleman was keeping some late hours. He was in a subway station with his electronic keyboard, amp, and three dancing dolls. Looks like he earned a dollar or two.

Overheard in a packed subway car: I can't stand tourists.

And this last photo for your entertainment: Superman sells handbags. Boy, times really have gotten tough when your local superhero has to take on a second job.

Tomorrow will be chocolate day. Yes, New York City has just a few chocolate shops. Unfortunately, we didn't see them all, but I'm more than happy to show you the few we did visit.


  1. "Boy, times really have gotten tough when your local superhero has to take on a second job."

  2. Ha ha, looks like you are having fun!!! That's what NYC is all about!!
    Enjoy the chocolate shops!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Ahhhhh, ya gotta love NYC. I haven't been there in years. Thanks for bringing us along on your tour--it's been great fun! By the way, I really like those dancing cupcakes! Although I keep wondering how they can see so they don't fall off the ledge.


  4. Well I say you certainly can show the funniest side of NYC. Lordy lordy that snake would have me passed out. I hope when you returned the house was in order. Don't look under the sofa though, I think the bears swept all the crumbs, party hats and milk mugs under there. They certainly had fun while you were gone. But they will never tell! Ta da Sharon


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