Monday, July 13, 2009

Da doo rain rain rain da doo rain rain

My sincere apologies to The Ronettes but I just couldn’t resist!

It is eerily quiet here today except for the torrential downpour we had earlier. It’s still overcast and more rain is probably on the way, but it’s a funny coincidence. I’ve been looking at paint chips, strips and clips and many of them are weather related. With names like Rain, Mountain Air, Icicle, Sea Salt, and Starry Night, I’m thinking perhaps it would be nice to go serene for the colors in the studio. You know – in an effort to maintain some equilibrium between the crazy, chaotic creative mess that will probably creep in once all the dust has settled and the sort of loopy things that occur in my head. Then maybe I can balance the seasons too between summer (Tradewind) and winter (Snowbound).

I’ve had lots and lots of ideas and I’ve run the gamut on my color options, but I think I’ve finally settled on a couple. Still, it will be a while before it’s all put back to rights. I’ll post photos of the after but I cannot say exactly when that will be. I may have to start back to work before it’s all finished. We’ll see just how quickly it goes. Right now it’s a pitiful sight – even the dog thinks something is wrong, very wrong.

In the meantime, we’re finalizing our trip to NYC! If all goes according to plan (when does that ever happen?) we’ll squeeze every last minute trying to enjoy as much of the city as possible. We’ve gotten tons of suggestions from lots of folks and I know we’ll only see a fraction of what is possible to see but we’ll do our best.

For today, while I’m stuck inside, I think it’s time to straighten up and clean up, do some laundry and think about what to throw in the suitcase. We’re expecting storms the first day there, so the photos, if I get any good ones, may just be rain spotted!

Have a really great Monday!


  1. Did you go to the ABC Carpet company ... that is always a must. Enjoy ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. You have a fabulous time when you go to NYC!!!!! I would love to go there!!! My son works for a company there but he lives here, I just have to figure out how to get him to go to Tinsel Trading Co. when he goes there again!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Enjoy your trip!
    Hugs, Lisa
    sorry about the rain but we needed it!

  4. Have a wonderful time in NYC and fit in as much as you can Ginger ... we wanna see loads of piccies!!!


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