Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Small Taste of NYC Chocolate

Had I only known and planned way in advance, we could have gone on three different, maybe more, Chocolate Tours. Now doesn't that sound delicious? But our time was limited and we chose to indulge our chocolate whims whenever we could fit it in with all we had planned.

I took this first photo as a memo. That is to say, we walked by this chocolate cafe on the way to somewhere else and I thought, "I must remember this place so I can return and take it all in." The problem was we never had a chance to return. It's on the list for our next trip. Yes, I know. We walked and walked and fell into bed every night exhausted having done every possible thing we could manage at the time. But that's all just a memory now and my feet have a short attention span. Yep, I can definitely see going back. Maybe I'll just take me one of them chocolate tours next time!

So this is Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe. I did pop in for a brief second and it really really deserves to be explored thoroughly. I will offer myself up as a volunteer next time.

Now I want to take you into MarieBelle Chocolates. I did not get a photo of the exterior, but I hope these photos of the interior will somehow compensate.

But first you should see this photo of the dark chocolate gelato they had that day. It was very rich.

We also ordered a couple of mochaccinos. I think that's how you spell it plural. Or is it "mochaccinoes"? Hm-m-m-m. Guess I'll have to go back and ask them in person.

Okay here's a few photos of the interior of MarieBelle's. The walls and the packaging are done in this restful, calming blue color. I wanted to buy something, anything to take some of the blue home with me. The tins were great. The problem with chocolate in the summer in NYC is that if you are walking around, it will melt. So, no chocolate to go this time.

This display was unique and exactly right for the feel of the shop - a huge trunkful of chocolates along with some suitcases equally charming.

And lastly, the chandelier set against the white ceiling and the blue walls.

This was another chocolate place we happened upon. I made another photo memo and this time I was determined to return. It was the very last thing we did in NYC before we packed our bags to come home.

This is Max Brenner's Chocolate Restaurant. It's quite the experience just to walk in the doors. See for yourself.

In one part of the restaurant they have this Chocolate Bar where you can order items to go - chocolate drinks, chocolate pastries, chocolate this, chocolate that.

Then they have this station that has three different chocolate syrups to choose from - white, milk and dark. They spoon it out with a soup ladle.

If you come in and you just need a shot of chocolate, they have it.

This is the chocolate concoction my daughter ordered. It began as a simple chocolate filled cake, but then they warmed it, poured chocolate over it and sprinkled it with powdered sugar. She's just now waking up from her chocolate coma . . .

My husband and I ordered mochas there. They were delicious, but we didn't get anything to eat. You know we really should have had a meal there. Just one more delicious reason to go back to NYC. Now I'm kinda hungry. I wonder if I can scrounge up an M&M between the sofa cushions.


  1. Well you have just given my my chocolate fix for the day and all without the added calories. LOL!
    Thanks Ginger.

  2. Thanks for those wonderful pictures and storys...

    I love visiting your blog and haven chosen it for earning an award...visit my blog and grab it!

    Greetings - Marion

  3. Mmmmmmmm! I'm starting to think that I need to plan a trip to NYC!

  4. Yummmmmm. I laughed at the M&M between the sofa cushions (been there)!!!!!!!

  5. I knew there had to be chocolate!! These are wonderful! Are you sure you didn't go to Chocolate world?
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh soooooo goooood. Yummmmmmm Yummmmmm! Can't speak! Sharon

  7. Wonderful pictures and they are making my sweet tooth scream! Wonderful blog and so fun to visit!
    Warmest Blessings,
    Bramblwood Bears


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