Friday, March 4, 2011


Yes, I am a chicken. I can do some heights but others – no so much. We went to the top of the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth Harbor today. The view at 100 meters in the air is pretty incredible and luckily we had a sunny day.

There is a section that has a glass floor which my husband walked on – no fear. He took this photo as I was, as I said before, too chicken.


Then Sebastian decided he too would be brave and take a walk on air. Here he sits looking quite at ease.


Seeing as how I wouldn’t even tippy toe across really fast, he decided to rub it in a bit by laying down ever so nonchalantly right in the middle of the glass floor.


That’s okay by me. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck.



  1. GO Sebastian. You make us proud.


  2. I am glad that I am not the only one that doesn't like heights. We stayed in a motel that had an outside glass elevator at Disney World. We were on the 17th floor. I don't care what the view was like I would not ride the outside elevator. There is just something about it. Have a great weekend. A Missouri friend.

  3. i know how it feels to decide whether to stand on that glass! many times my legs just feel like jelly and if i plucked up enough courage to stand on "air", i'll not dare look down.

    haha, sebastian is so cool lying on the glass!

  4. Sebastian has nerves of steel obviously! I couldn't have done it either! Shudder!

  5. Oh I can't stop laughing!!! Sebastian is so brave and so darling, but I am with you about heights. whoooooo.....

  6. Urgh, LT tells us she did the CN Tower and walked on the glass floor. She didn't look down though!


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