Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sebastian here (again!). I’ve begged and pleaded my way into writing this blog post. Apparently, you-know-who thinks I am taking too many turns as she has lots and lots of photos that she thought you might like to see. I’ve given her £1.57 to let me write this one. I know it’s bribery but really, this one is right up my alley, so to speak.

The day started out ordinarily enough with a trip to the Underground. Check out this view from the top of this escalator.


I thought it was a ride like those at Disney World! They convinced me otherwise.

First we all had our photos taken in front of The National Gallery. I couldn’t quite figure out why they wanted to go there. I didn’t see my likeness in any of those paintings, but they were just getting warmed up for the good stuff.


I thought the good stuff was a trip to the Krispy Kreme here. You know I love doughnuts. What is interesting is what we ordered there. We had what they call filtered coffee, a Coke with a bendy straw – I like those bendy straws in every drink – and some doughnuts.


The pretty one is unlike any we have at home. The topping was called Glamour Glaze and this one was currant flavored. I have to say, I am not a fan, but it sure was pretty. It shimmered like fairy wings!


What I didn’t know was that I was about to meet one of my forebears. When I found out that Paddington was right outside the Krispy Kreme, I got a case of nerves. It took some words of encouragement,


but I finally did have my photo made next to Paddington and was ever so glad that I did. He’s a very nice chap. I had nothing to be concerned about.


That is until they, the two of them, went to have dinner with a whole bunch of people that he works with.


I only came out once to be introduced to the crowd and then I went promptly back in the sack. I thought for sure that I would be in all the photos but apparently I was just another pretty face in the crowd.


  1. Sebastian I am here for you sweetheart. They are just jealous of how cute you are and they are afraid you will steal the show. You already have sweet bear! Remember You can always come here to me.Hugs and keep a stiff upper lip sweet bear!

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Love the photo with you and Paddington. WOW, donuts and bendy straws- what a wonderful holiday you are having.

    The "shared puter time" it gets tricky, and of course my advice would be to ask "pretty please" for your own Blog. Ya know, it just might work.

    Hi Miss Ginger,

    What a pretty picture of you and your husband. Can Sebastian have his own Blog? You are very pretty, ya know. (Giggle, is it working?)

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. I've been loving following your adventures with Ginger, Sebastian!

    Keep up the good reporting, and know that you have a whole gaggle of bears here (or do we come in bundles? bunches? herds?) watching with wild envy!

    ~ Dot

  4. Hi Dot,

    I believe we are called the "hug". Bunches - oats, bundles - potatoes, gaggle - geese, herds - buffalo. Giggle. (Our buds over at The Thistle Patch Clan call it a "hug" that is where we learned about it.)

    Heaps of Hugs

    Sebastian, tell Miss Ginger that Dot has his own Blog too. (o:

  5. Hi GINGER ! Just want to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to you from me.
    I love Sebastian ^)

  6. Oh Sebatian, how brave. Those upscalators and downscalators make us feel sooo qeueasy. LT has to run up and down them every day on her way to and from work, but we find that whole moving stairs thing really odd!

    LT loves the National Gallery, especially the impressionists. We don't really see it ourselves, kind of blobs of paint on paper, but what do we know, we have fluff for brains ;o)

    LT's now drooling on the keyboard, they don't sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts north of Manchester! But now she comes to think of it, she'll be at a fair in Bolton next week, maybe she can bring some home for us...

    We're so jealous you got to meet Paddington - did he share his marmalade sandwiches?

    We're sure you'd have been the star of the show at dinner, so we reckon you were popped away so you didn't steal the limelight!


    The Clan


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