Saturday, March 5, 2011

We began today . . .

by having lunch in an English tea room with Lex and Elanor in Woburn – a very neat little village not far from where they live.


Then they took us to the Woburn Safari Park where we were able to see the animals there up close and personal . . .


from the safety of Lex’s pretty new car. There were a few carnivores after all –


and both Elanor and I decided we needed both our hands to make our bears.  In the aviary, we were able to get very near the birds -


very, very near the birds as demonstrated here by Elanor.


We also really enjoyed getting close to the lemurs from Madagascar.


Their fur is very soft. Kind of like a teddy bear’s.


The day was wearing on and so we had to say our goodbyes to the animals and the park.


We were thrilled to get a chance to see Lex and Elanor’s home and all of her bears. She has some excellent bears in her collection but she wouldn’t let me leave with any of them. I don’t understand. I promised I would take good care of them.


Then it was time to eat again, this time in an English pub. Sebastian only came out when I told him absolutely and positively, there were no lions, tigers or bears. I also confirmed that no birds would sit on his head. He was a little hard to convince but one sniff of dessert and all his fear quickly vanished.



  1. awww :) such cute pictures!

  2. I wondered how he liked the Lemurs....
    Mama Bear

  3. Am loving your pictures from England.. I want to go back so badly! I have been there twice in the early 90's but I want to go again. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Sebastian please be careful of the people you are traveling with... Stay safe and away from large beasts.... I am here for you sweety ... just call!

  5. Looks like another fun day. We can't imagine why you didn't pet the kitties...

  6. Lovely pictures,looks like a lot of fun!


  7. Hi Sebastian,

    Whew...that was no place for a teddy bear, those kitty cats were too big to want to play with. The little Lemurs looked gentle.

    Glad you finally came out of hiding for some dessert. Ah, the smell of sweets baking - gets us every time. Giggle. Bet your tummy is real happy. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs


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