Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hairnets, Shoelaces and Burundi

It’s an odd collection of things, but if you’ll bear with me, I think I can sort it out for you. I know there are a few family and friends that are interested in seeing the photos for this post so I’ll explain it the shortest and best way I can.

Today, my husband and I helped pack 80,000 meals. No, that is not a typo but it was not nearly as time consuming as you might imagine because we had a whole roomful of people also helping.

We started by clearing the room so it could be set up with ‘stations’ where teams worked together to fill small plastic bags with dry ingredients for the meals.


At each ‘filling’ station, there is rice


dried veggies,


textured soy protein,


and a vitamin packet.


All of them are measured and put in a small plastic bag


which is then weighed and sealed.


After 36 bags are completed they are packed in a cardboard box for shipment.


So where do the hairnets come in? To pack the food, just like in any commercial kitchen, a hair covering must be worn. While some had ball caps, others donned blue and red hairnets.


Then where do the shoelaces come in? While I was busy sealing bags, I noticed several children running back and forth helping. They were so busy and intent on their task, they didn’t have time to retie their loose shoelaces!


And Burundi. What about Burundi? I learned that Burundi is one of the poorest countries on the Earth. There are children in this world that resort to eating mud cookies. Can you imagine? The meals we packed today will feed 219 children for a whole year.


So the 80,000 meals we packaged are going are going to Burundi.


Hairnets, shoelaces and Burundi – see?  There is a connection after all. We worked with Stop Hunger Now. Even if there isn’t a location near you, they have an online presence where you can see videos and read more about the fight against hunger.


  1. What a worth while day you had. Something to think about is there will be all those little children who won't have empty tummy's. Well Done

  2. Oh what a fabulous thing to do! I feel rather unworthy that I sewed all weekend...

  3. Bless you.

    Helping others is twofold - while helping impact lives for the good it also makes us feel good.

    Have a wonderful week and happy to hear that you are safe.


  4. I admire you for your contibution of time and for posting about this worthy cause. Have a wonderful week. Hugs


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