Saturday, August 27, 2011

Securing the Ship

We’ve taken the bird feeders down. The porch has been stripped of its lanterns, chair cushions and hanging baskets. We’ve battened down the hatches. The question is what will hurricane Irene bring us? Something? Nothing? Who knows? I wonder how other bear artists up and down the East coast are keeping themselves busy, if at all, waiting for the storm to arrive. Around here, this is one I have in the works:



  1. Poor little bear, I hope he and all the rest of the family are safe and sound. I will say a prayer for you all. I hope the hurricane turns out to sea.
    Love and Hugs

  2. Our prayers are wilt everyone along the East Coast and inland areas who may be in danger.

    Be safe.


  3. Hope it brings you nothing, stay safe!

  4. Stay safe! We'll be thinking about all of you.


  5. Keep safe. My thoughts are with all of you east coasters.
    I was standing in line at an estate sale yesterday and actually heard people talking about living along the coast, asking why would anyone want to live there? I was thinking as I was standing outside at 7:00am and the temperature already almost 100 that the whole rest of the country probably says the same thing about us.

  6. I'm not surprised he looks a bit apprehensive Ginger. I hope the storm passes you by without doing any damage. Stay safe. Hugs, Lynda

  7. Let's hope Irene looses strength and you get nothing more than a good cleansing rain. Love the little bear's head. It makes me want to make another one. Stay safe. Hugs

  8. @ Kays Kids – Thanks! You are thoughtful. Around here, I believe it’ll be fine for most. No downed trees for us so far.

    @ The Bear’s Blog – You and me both! I don’t think they want Irene to stick around!

    @ Snap – Thanks! We’ll do our best!

    @ Katy – I think your hope may be fulfilled – maybe just rain and a little wind.

    @ Cheryl – Thanks Cheryl!

    @ Love Bears All Things – Aww . . . Thanks to you too Mama Bear

    @ Joanne – I guess wherever is home, right? Every place has it good parts and the occasional not so good thing. That being said, I’m sure your love your desert home as much as we love our North Carolina one!

    @ Lynda – Overcast, windy, a bit of rain – we should fare well and then we’ll say ‘Farewell Irene!”

    @ maddyrose – Thanks for the comment! Make one! Make one! And by the time you finish, Irene will be an old news story.

  9. Be safe my friend !!! Praying for all~~~

  10. I have kept thinking of you all day. I hope there is not too much damage done. It must be so frightening for you all. Hold those you love love close to you.


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