Monday, December 5, 2011

Same and Different

The two bears in this post are created from the same pattern but very different fabrics. One of them is the one I promised to show you last week. The other one was just a twinkle in my eye at the time but I’ll share her as well.

I’ll show you the last one first. Here she is. Her name is Willow. She found a home over the weekend during my Internet show.


This second photo shows you Oriana with her wild colors and her wool mittens. She is still waiting for just the right person to come along.


After packing up the bears from the show and sending them on their way, I did get a chance to enjoy seeing the top of my desk for a change. I had begun to think it was all an illusion but it is still there after all!

I took a deep breath and enjoyed just sitting for a moment. It was so much fun that I think I will do it again tomorrow. Same activity, different day.


  1. Just sitt'n, and sitt'n would be good for a few days. May be it could be tomorrows plan for you.

  2. Aww, they're both very cute, the 2 little Piece Paraders here definitely approve :o)

  3. I noticed you have a bear on your blog named Digby... he's not named after Digby Chicken Caesar.... is he?

    That would be really... weird. :)

  4. Love the two little bears. They're as cute as can be. I just cleared off my work tables and it really does make things look different but now I'm not feeling the least bit creative. Must be time for a break. Have a wonderful holiday. Hugs

  5. These two are lovely. I love Willow's cool colours, and especially his bow scarf.

  6. oh they are cute!, love both.

  7. Both bears are adorable! Oriana reminds me of a lion, with her beautiful shaggy red and gold coat. :)


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