Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Temptation

If you are a regular reader here, you know that we feel fortunate to have discovered a delightful coffee shop within walking distance. Please don’t tell the bears or they would all want to come. As it is now, they just wonder where we disappear to when we go. They are going to get really suspicious now.

You see just around the corner from our favorite coffee shop, which also makes it within walking distance; this wonderful place has just opened. The Chocolate Boutique. Be still my heart.


It is bright and airy in two of my favorite colors,


but let’s get to the good stuff – the product. Chocolate.


Not only is this place a visual temptation, it tempts the taste palette as well.


They also sell something that is new to me. Have you ever heard of Chocolate Salt? I am certainly going to have to do some research on this. I think my pantry needs something called Chocolate Salt!


Yes, we did taste a few chocolates and


yes, a few came home with us. Were you hoping for pictures? Oh, well, with a camera in one hand and chocolate in the other, I had to put something down. The camera lost.


While we were enjoying the taste test, these particular words resonated with me.


The best part about this new shop, aside from the chocolate, is that it is within walking distance. The worst thing about this new shop is that it is within walking distance. How much willpower do you think I have? Probably about as much as one of their mini truffles which are delicious. I am thinking I can be there and back in just a few minutes. You won’t tell anyone where I’ve gone, will you?


  1. oh chocolate!!,chocolate salt is used in sauces, especially veal, and hunting meats such as wild boar. are strong-flavored meats and sauces give you these special touche chocolate and salt, a special flavor. also used with quail. A friend uses them in butter cookies...

  2. Dose Sebastian smell the chocolate on your breath when you come home?
    What do the use chocolate salt for?
    hugs Granny

  3. Hmm, we think we heard the door slamming on your way out there...

    I've not come across chocolate salt, but hey, if you can have salted caramel, I'm sure you can have chocolate salt just as well! You'll have to get some just to do a review for us...

  4. Well, dark chocolate is VERY good for your health! Looks like a beautiful shop :O) Hugs, Janice

  5. It will be kept a secret.
    Not being a chocolate person (I prefer marshmallow myself) I would have great willpower to stay away. Hope you find an extra dose of fortitude.

  6. Oh, be still my heart indeed!! To have such a wonderful place within walking distance of home. I'm quite envious!

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!
    Heaps of Hugs,


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