Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It has been nearly a week since I have sewn anything at all. This spelled trouble for dear Sebastian I am afraid.

You see I have been doing things – accomplishing things, but my enthusiasm for those things (i.e. laundry, dishes, etc) wears out pretty quickly. I did make this cake for a potluck dinner but I much prefer sewing. You probably could have guessed that, right?


Looking for an excuse, any excuse really, to change tasks, I wandered by my clean desk and found Sebastian slumped over. The poor soul – he looked like a deflated balloon. It was then that I began a quite delicate, yet wholly selfless conversation with him.


“How ya’ doin’ there, buddy?”

A sigh was his only reply.

“Is this cloudy overcast day beginning to get to you?”

Another sigh.

“You know you can tell me anything, anything at all. I’m here for ya.”


That is when his sad story came tumbling out. He told me how he admired all the young bears heading out the door with their straight backs and tight joints. He said he felt rather dismal by comparison.


I assured him that he was loved but this didn’t seem to do the trick. He still seemed low.

Then I suggested that dreaded word – surgery.

“Surgery?!” he exclaimed a bit louder than I had anticipated.


“It would be outpatient. You would be in and out in no time at all. I could tighten your joints and fix your back problem.”

“Can you fix my bald spots too?”

“Um, no. Not in time for you to celebrate Christmas – that is a much more delicate and involved surgery. So, what do you think? Shall we fix you up?”

“Okay,” he replied.

“Yea!” I said. Which is something I hope you won’t misinterpret, but I’d much rather fix up Sebastian than do laundry. I’m funny like that. I’m not sure he quite understood where I was coming from but he was optimistic about the results.

Here is the part that is much too graphic to share here. I know some of my readers are quite squeamish about such things. I am too but hey, remember; I’m getting out of doing laundry.


Sebastian is now out of recovery. He’s already looking more dignified,


more chipper,


and more energetic.


As for me, that little bit of time with a needle and thread and a thimble and some scissors, well, let me just say, I don’t think my desk top is going to be clean and neat for very much longer. Another yea!


  1. This is a Get well wish Sebastian,
    Are you feeling better? You are looking very well. I hope you have tight joints and a better back.
    I'm so glad your mum spent a little time with you because I know she loves you.

  2. Best wishes to Sebastian! He is beautiful with his little problems.
    Hugs, Conni

  3. Hi Sebastian,
    All of us here at the North Pole bear clan wish you a speedy recovery. Miss Ginger is really good with the needle and thread so we're pretty sure you're better already.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Poooooooor Sebastian! You know what happens after surgery?

    Sympathy snacking!!!

    Make sure Ginger waits on you, paw and claw!

  5. Hi Sebastian,

    You are so brave. Boy, my joints are getting old and my fiberfill is shifting around, I was born in November 1991. But I like me just the way I am - no big needles 'n scissors for me! I'm fine.

    So glad you are feeling better about yourself. I am glad we are friends, just the way we are. (o:


  6. If only we all could have such a make over so quickly...but the bald spots, just tell how much you're loved...
    Mama Bear

  7. @ Katy Cameron of The Littlest Thistle - Katy your comment went missing but I've managed to retrieve it and must say that Sebastian wants to reassure Jack that he also tends to favor getting into all kinds of place. Now he's just glad he can see where he is going! Here's your comment and by the way, THANKS!:

    Oh man, now Jack's doing his best over-dramatic impression of a bear coming apart at the seams, 'Alas, alack, woe is me' and all. I told him I'm not rising to it, not least because if he had surgery he could never get into half the places that he does... That seemed to cure it, because, as it turns out, he rather likes getting into half the places he does!

    The Clan and Jack wish Sebastian a speedy recovery and are sending virtual bunches of grapes on the understanding that Ginger will, of course, convert them into real chocolates for the patient...


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