Wednesday, July 4, 2012


How can it already be the Fourth of July? Well, it is and I had very little to do with it arriving so soon in the year. As you might guess, I wasn’t quite ready so I had to doctor the photos I used today to make them patriotic. I had to employ a little imagination. I hope you will too.

First we have photos of a trip we made to the cupcake shop. The moratorium on going had passed so we ventured out in the extreme heat. Imagine it was cool and not 103°F (39°C).


As you can see, Sebastian came along – smart bear that he is. Apparently, he’s decided to be the official taste tester for anything and everything that looks delicious.


Next up – a couple of photos of the most recent bear I have nearly completed. I say nearly because he is still without adornment and finishing details.


All except the flag he holds which is just a figment of my imagination.


I thought I would include this photo of Atalaya that I took when we were at the beach because when I was a little girl it was the closest thing to a castle that I had ever seen. I could wander around inside and outside dreaming I was royalty. Royalty without windows, doors, furniture, running water, air conditioning and a whole host of other things, but imagination is a powerful thing.


Speaking of imagination, my son shared this image that I wanted to pass along too. Someone with a great imagination designed this poster for the Paddington movie that supposedly comes out not in 2012 or 2013, but 2014. Still, it is a sweet image isn’t it?


Finally, I want to wish all of you celebrating the Fourth a safe and happy holiday. And if you don’t celebrate the Fourth, you could pretend - you know - use your imagination and have a amazing day. Eat a cupcake! Watch some fireworks!


Oh, yeah.  I changed my blog header – seeing as how it has been a couple of years.  Let’s classify my delay under the heading of “The Art of Waiting”.



  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Happy 4th of July. Tell Miss Ginger we really like her new header, and of course the subject matter is "first bear class". Giggle.


    1. Hi Prudence,

      A Happy 4th to you too! I'm glad you approve of the header - a bear's opinion is always welcome here.


  2. I love your new Header. It looks fresh and lovely.
    You certainly are having a hot summer, I notices the drink glasses were empty!!!!!!!
    Your new little bear certainly looks like a brother of Sebastian.
    Happy 4th of July. Can't wait for Paddington's movie, what a wonderful poster.

    1. Hi Kays Kids,

      Thanks for that! It did need a little freshening up. Yes, it has been a record breaker here the last week or so.

      The bears are related - not only in their family tree but in their design. Good eye!

      I hope the movie will be as good as the poster portrays!


  3. Liking the new decor, and funnily enough LT says I have figmemoments of imagernation, like the other day I swear I had a cupcake in front of me, but I turned to talk to Edwood, and when I looked back it was gone. I'm sure I saw crumbs round Maple's mouth though, and LT herself looked like she was on a bit of a sugar high, hmmmmm...


    1. Hi Jack,

      It's a hard lesson to learn but never ever take your eyes off of a cupcake. Just a hint - take another look at LT - she looks innocent enough a lot of time but you know, one can never be too careful.


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Terri Sue,

      Happy to share my silliness!


  5. Glorious view in the new header, love it! NC has been a 'bit' warm lately, thank goodness it was also dry otherwise it would have also been HUMID - just the word causes me to crumple.

    I thinks going for cupcakes as a way to cool off is a lovely idea. Anything to take our minds off the heat! Down here at the beach are about a million tourists for the 4th of course. I've stayed right at home all day and have been loving having a bit of play time during the middle of the week - yay!

    We love going down to Brook Green Gardens and the nearby Atalaya, lots of beauty abounds. I thoroughly enjoy viewing the sculptures of Ms Huntington, I'm sure she was a fascinating person in her day.

    My bear brood is having fitz over this newest chap you've shown Ginger. They are groveling and whining that they MUST have him/her for their very own! They said, "We'll take really good care of him/her, you won't have to do a thing!" Sounds just like small children when they've found a stray kitten! =0)

    A Paddington movie?! Oh my! I wonder if the theater will make me buy tickets for all my bearies when we go?! I will for sure have a few with me when I do go.

    Great post, lots of interesting things to ponder.

    1. Hi Ani,

      Yes, warm it putting it mildly because we've broken records here in our part of the state. Ah - humidity - Scarlett O'hara would put us to shame wouldn't she?!

      We figured the beach must be really busy this week. Of course, we'd love to be there but decided to sit this one out and wait until another time - maybe we'll get lucky with the weather too!

      If we had had more time we would have gone into Brookgreen - guess we'll have to put that on our list. It's been ages since we went.

      I'm glad you like the new guy. I like making this size and this pattern too. Perhaps there's one in your future???

      It does look like we'll have a bit of a wait for the movie - but then they say good things come to those who wait so maybe it'll be really really really good!

      Thanks for reading! Great to hear from you again!

  6. Loved your post, and your creative thinking! Oh, and your new header is great (I did love the old one, though). Happy belated 4th of July!
    Hugs, Kayzy

    1. Hi Kayzy,

      Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I like the new header too but I was reluctant to change it because I loved the old one too. You can see it took me a couple of years. The good thing is - I can always change it back and I did include a nod to it in the new one because I couldn't say goodbye completely!

      Thanks for noticing!

  7. I love the Imaginary American Flag XD Much safer than carrying around pointy little toothpick flags! But... what is that delicious cupcake flavor that Sebastian is sampling????

    Also, I love the new bear! He's so cute, and such a great color!!

    ... and also... the new header is great... someone in that header just looks sooooooo familiar though... hmm... I'm just *sure* I've seen him before....

    1. Hi Heather,

      Like that did you? It's officially called 'cheating' I think but I prefer the much tamer classification of 'enhancing'. Ha ha!

      The cupcake flavor was recommended by the employee at the time. It was called 'Doubleshot' - an espresso flavor thing with icing made from some chocolate imported from Italy (?) and the only place that was using it in the USA (?) I think I might have a few facts mixed up but I blame it on the chocolate.

      Glad you like the bear! Glad you like the header! Your opinion matters!!! And perhaps, yes, you do see a familiar face. It was one I loved and had to include this go 'round.


  8. I noticed that right away, it looks good. I feel welcome because it says friends...I've always liked Paddington, didn't know about the movie...
    The little bear looks so sad, maybe because he didn't get to go to the cupcake store.
    Mama Bear
    Sebastian, Are you going to Camp Good Bar. That's next week, isn't it? Oh, no, I'm not ready, its too soon.

    1. Hi Mama Bear and Wil,

      I'm glad that my header made you feel welcome! That's the best news because I do want my lovely readers here to feel that way.

      Please tell Wil that Sebastian is thrilled to hear about Camp Good Bear but he will not be going because he has other things that he promised he would do that week. He and I hope you all have a beary good time!



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