Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream and Do!

Coming in three weeks is the TBAI (Teddy Bear Artist Invitational) in Binghamton, NY. Every year each attending artist is challenged to create a special, one-of-a-kind gallery piece interpreting the theme. This year’s theme is “Any Occasion Will Do” – special occasions – don’t you love them?!


I learned my choice at the end of last year and started mulling it over. I repeatedly asked myself how I should go about representing this special occasion. After a few weeks and then a few weeks more, I decided I must put pencil to paper. That’s where I started.


I had a few ideas – some of them might have been pretty good even, but I wanted one that would challenge me and keep me interested. I wanted one that I could get excited about. (Reminder to self: Be careful what you ask for.)


So I pitched out those first ideas – or so I thought. I decided not to decide. I would wait. Some people call this procrastinating but that’s just putting off doing what you know you have to do. I wasn’t sure what it was I wanted to do – yet.


After even more time, I came up with an idea I rather liked. Then the ideas came fast and furious – and so many ways to go with it that I got to the point where I decided I must act. This is where the Dream and Do bit comes in. I read about that in a book called The Imagineering Workout. By making a start, I would commit myself to a plan even if it evolved into something else as I went along.

d&d_5_p    d&d_6_p

Do you remember this photo of these birch logs? They were the beginning – the linchpin to everything else that would follow. I don’t know why it seems my ideas always require me to go to the far reaches of the earth for parts and pieces – or at least have them delivered!


From there I needed a base. My husband said he could cut whatever shape I needed so I decided to go with an organic free flowing shape.


Luckily we had the perfect piece to cut it out of already.

d&d_9_p   d&d_10_p

I also came across these acorns which would come in handy. I collected them a couple of years ago walking around the neighborhood in the fall. I’m going to stop questioning why I keep some of this stuff around!


As my creation began to take shape, both literally and figuratively, I took over more and more areas of the house. I spread out beyond the studio and into the kitchen, then into the dining room and the garage – even to the deck out back. It was my own personal occupy movement – of a different sort. As you can guess, we didn’t have dinner on a real table for days and days and days.

I took lots of photos of my progress which I will share in upcoming posts. This was just the beginning. So what IS in the box at the top of this post?


My project – all finished and ready to be photographed! I guess I better do that pretty soon so you can see it all put together. I think this calls for a celebration. It is – after all – a special occasion.


  1. Love special occasions, (I wonder!!!!xxxx)
    The mind is going around in circles.

    1. Hi Kays Kids,

      My mind went round and round with this project. It was fun. Thanks for reading!!! More to come!


  2. Ooooh the suspense. I'm already sure I'll love it!

    1. Hi Heather,

      Such faith you have! I hope you won't be disappointed. It was a fun project either way!


  3. Hmm, we think that was a positive rainforest's worth of ideas! We can't wait to see what came from it :o)


    Jack and The Clan

    1. Hi Jack, Katy, and The Clan,

      You know how it start down one path and then you get lost. Lost in a rainforest.


  4. Clever girl to keep us guessing! Your blog is so much fun.
    Hugs, Kayzy

    1. Hi Kayzy,

      Ha ha! I'm glad you are enjoying it!

      Thanks muchly!


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