Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chantilly Show Photos

I took a few snapshots at the show and thought I’d post them here. I tried to get photos of some artists that I haven’t shown on here frequently.

csp_1Michelle Lamb – One and Only Bears

There were a lot of great tables full of wonderful work so I just picked a random few that I hope you will enjoy seeing.

csp_2 JoAnne OHanlon  – Bear My Sole

We had a nice quick trip up to the DC area but it seems like we’ve been gone ages instead of overnight. A lot happens in 24 hours.

csp_3 Donna Nielsen – Cookies Critters

In any case, I’ve still got other non-bear pictures on my camera that I will sort through and see if I can find anything that looks worthy.

csp_4 Lena Volkova – Teddy Kingdom

And a big thank you for all of your lovely comments of the past few days.

csp_5Mary Dowd – Mary Dowd Bears

Monday generally isn’t considered a favorite day of the week, but I hope yours turns out to be a good one.

csp_6And lastly, here’s a photo of my display.


  1. Hi Ginger the show looks great some beautiful bears thanks for posting piccies I love seeing shows from other countries and artist I haven't seen yet. I like your table especially the red and green bear gorgeous. Hugs. Raewyn

  2. Great pictures!!! Wonderful show!!! Thank you very much for sharing these impressions with us!

  3. Thanks ! Wonderful to see! Fabulous bears!!!!

  4. Ooooo your stand looked lovely Ginger, very Autumnal. Loved the other photos too, some of my favourite artists! Hope you did really well.xx

  5. Miss Ginger,

    Thank you for sharing. Okay, our vote is in for the most lovely display of beautiful bears and bunnies.


    Prudence & Sissy

  6. Looks like fun. All the cute and cuddly little ones.


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