Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where’s the clutch on these things?

My savvy travelling bear informed me that the proper way to introduce new friends to the area


would be to take them out for an indulgent taste of chocolate


at a newly re-opened “Chocolaterie” shop in the area.


It didn’t take much persuasion to convince me that this was indeed the right course of action.

wtcott_4 Two Shantock Bears (left) meet the Travelling Ted (right).

Three little bears could hardly consume three pieces of chocolate but they did give it a good try.


I think they over-indulged a bit. They thought they could drive the wooden shoes home.

I hope we made a good impression on our new friends.

It was also a good way to say goodbye to summer.


See ya next year, Summer.


  1. Dear Shantock Bears & Traveling Ted,

    Well, chocolate can be filling (like fiberfill, giggle) but even just a tiny taste is sooo good.

    Hm, driving wooden shoes - we think the caffeine just got you. Practice eating more chocolate. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy

  2. Seguro que disfrutaron muchos de ese paseo de despedida del verano, "hartandose" de chocolate.
    Bueno lo siguiente que viene es Halloween y a mi personalmente me encanta, seguro que el otoño sera igual de bueno que el verano que ya se va.
    besitos ascension

  3. Aahh, that is so nice. What a great way to say goodbye. Summer, summer go away come a back another day. Wonder if that will work here.

  4. Chocolate is always the perfect way to greet a cooling season!
    Especially Drinking Chocolate!

    You're lucky Dot is out of the country though, otherwise there would be one little package on your doorstep roaring about his right to chocolate.

  5. Hello Traveling Ted, Hoppy and James, I'm very jealous of your fab chocolate visit. Wish I could have come too, alas its a bit far to travel from the UK :-(
    Love & Hugs
    Elanor & the rest of the Shantock Clan! xx

  6. Ooh, that was obviously a very wise choice from very wise little bears, we are very impressed


    Beech, Birch, Tupelo, Oakley, Maisey, Lilac and Lulu

  7. What a wonderful chocolaterie! Love that the three bears got to indulge a little...and ended up wanting to drive the wooden shoes home. :o)


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