Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See my problem?

When I entered Dr. B’s office he said, “I smelled blueberry muffins and knew it must be you. “What brings you this way today?”

Now, I had given this a lot of thought the past couple of days and as usual, I could not come up with a legitimate sounding problem. My fallback plan was 3 Polaroid photos I had stuck in my handbag at the last minute. Think. Think, Ginger. Think.

I reached in my bag and pulled out the blurry photos. I tossed them nonchalantly on Dr. B’s desk.


“These are the problem, Dr. B.” I declared.
He picked them up one by one and said, “They look like very fuzzy pictures of some teddy bears.”
“Exactly. See my problem?”
“Camera problems? I’m not really qualified to solve camera problems.”

“No, Dr. B. I have to choose one and I can’t seem to make up my mind.”
“I see. Can you explain how you got to this point?” he asked.
“Well, I start a bear and think to myself, ‘This one will be for my giveaway.’ But then I think, no, I should make one like that. Then I make one like that and then I think, ‘No, it should be more like this’ and then I get another idea and I’m off making yet another bear. It’s a real dilemma.”

Dr. B gets that look on his face like always, puts his paws together like he’s thinking and he looks at the papers in front of him. “I can see things haven’t changed much since I saw you last. I still say you think too much.”
“I need help making up my mind – which one do I choose?”
“I cannot help you choose but I can give you some advice.”
“Oh good. Let me have it doc.”

“You need a deadline. A deadline will encourage you to make a choice. In fact, here’s a calendar. Close your eyes and pick a day.”
“That’s not very scientific, Dr. B.”
“Not everything has to be scientific. Pick a date.”
So I closed my eyes, stuck out my finger, and pointed.
“What day did I pick, Dr. B?” I asked.
“Oh, my dear. You’ll be choosing a bear in no time at all. Your giveaway announcement will be Friday, October 1st. Now that we have settled that you can get yourself back to work and I can have myself a little blueberry muffin snack.”


Frances gave me a sly wink as I walked out the door as if to say I had done good. I suppose October 1st is as good as any for a giveaway announcement. Now to work on my focusing technique . . .


  1. Ginger, you are hilarious!!! I think that you need to write a book!!!!
    At first I thought you were doing Dr. B's diet and I was thinking but she doesn't need him, why? Ha ha, you just cheered me up so much, thanks!!!! I love your bearbit stories!!!!

  2. Oh boy a giveaway!! I love how you approached this. Cute story! I anxiously await October 1st!

  3. Hmm, possibly the best giveaway pre-announcement ever.

  4. Miss Ginger,

    "Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear............" (Giggle)

    We fell for that visit too. (o: You are just so clever.


  5. What a wise and charming Dr you have! I think I need to go and see him. (Pssst! Do you know any Optician bears, by any chance?)


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