Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Mouse Style

October 31st is a big day for some – being Halloween and all. It’s also the day that Jillana, my giveaway bear, says her fond farewell to all of you. Since we’ve got Sunday sorted out for that, I thought we might celebrate Halloween one day early here at Bearbits. Wanna come?


Yeah? Okay. Grab your candy bucket and let’s go trick-or-treating with The Mouse.


We might see some scary things . . . Oh, that’s right. It’s Halloween Mouse Style. It can’t be that frightening.


I don’t think these Scarecrows are going to scare up anything but a few smiles and some great souvenir photos.

Look! There’s Mickey’s face on the light post.


Love these decorations – even Winnie the Pooh makes a pumpkin appearance.


Whoa! Is that a giant inflatable Mickey Mouse pumpkin head? Well, he’s not scary at all, is he?


Let’s hurry! It’s going to get dark soon and I want to get to Mickey’s house before it gets dark.


I hear they have a great Halloween Party at Disney. Maybe next year we can attend – if I can figure out what kind of costume to wear by then.

Uh oh . . . it’s getting dark. Look at the castle. Creepy looking isn’t it?


How do they do that? Ha-ha. Just kidding. It’s all about timing.


Now it really is dark and the castle is orange against an inky black sky. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to take our goodies home and eat candy until we’re silly!



  1. Enjoy munching your way through your halloween stash. THe Clan hope you're sharing with the bears ;o)

  2. Hi Miss Ginger,

    EAT CANDY - just the kind with honey & peanut butter though. I did find the stash for Halloween(our little secret).

    Love those photos, the Castle is really nice, I like the orange lighting the best.

    Can't wait to hear won wins Jillana, hope it's M (o:


  3. Just love the 'magic' of Disney. You really had a great trip.


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