Thursday, October 28, 2010

My (Sort of) Sad, Sad Teddy Tale

As the only bear awake at the moment, I’ve decided to share with you my sad, sad teddy tale. It all started when I was left behind when they went to Florida. They said it was accidental. I’ll never know for sure.

While they were gone, I wondered what kinds of things I was missing.


I knew for certain that they would see Cinderella’s castle. I’m sure it was magical.


I also heard that there is an Electrical Light Parade at night and I can just imagine there might have been a fierce dragon snorting smoke. That would have been exciting!


Maybe there was a choo-choo train, too. If I had been there, I would have been the conductor. Alas, I was here – all by my lonesome self. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this is supposed to be a sad, sad tale.


The more I thought about the castle, the more sadder I got. Wouldn’t it have been terrific to see it all lit up at night?


Maybe, if they had remembered to take me along, I could have talked them into buying me a balloon that would glow in the dark. Of course, I might have flown right up into the night sky, but let’s not dwell on that. It’s quite beside the point.


Oh, and the fireworks. I missed the fireworks over the castle. Let me tell you I was having a big pity party. With a party you have to have guests, some honey, a few cookies, some chips and loud music right?

Before I could get the place cleaned up properly, they came home.


I was so surprised when they presented me with some Mickey Mouse ears in just my size. Seeing as how I felt a little sick from eating too many cookies, the gift made me feel a little better if not a bit guilty.

They told me all about meeting Duffy and I could hardly believe there was a teddy bear that big in the whole wide world.


To make it even better, they surprised me with my very own Duffy bear in just my size. I was starting to feel bad about the mess I had created while they were gone.


But just between you and me and Duffy, getting left behind worked out okay. And you know what? Duffy and I are going to share my new mouse ears! How cool is that?



  1. Awww...that's so sweet!
    Margaret B

  2. What a lovely bear story! I am glad it had a happy ending! I love your bears, just gorgeous!!

  3. You are a lucky little bear! Mouse ears and a new friend! Although...glow in the dark balloons...I am just sayin...

  4. Dearest Little Bear,

    Left Behind? Oh no, there is no excuse for that. Very happy that you did get Mickey Ears and a baby Duffy. can use this to your advantage. MORE PREZZIES!!! No matter where your Mum goes, ask for a prezzie. Give a little, sad, pout and mention the "Left Behind Saga". IT WILL WORK.

    All Of Us

  5. I've had fun catching up on your fun trip! I've never been...I know I live close when we are in FL...but I always choose to go to the beach instead! Maybe this winter we will go...sure looks like FUN! ♥

  6. Whew! Thank goodness this had a happy ending. I would hate to have spent the day feeling sad for that poor neglected bear. He probably would have never let you live it down if you wouldn't have brought him presents. I love his new bear friend. I never knew about Duffy. Now it looks like I will have to be taking a trip to Disneyland to get one.

  7. You know I nearly had my handkerchief out to mop up the tears at your being left behind. I'm glad that you managed to hang on in there even if you did make just a little mess! I'm so glad that you have a new friend as a make up gift. Enjoy and get up to lots of mischief!!!!

  8. Aww, the Clan here was positively in tears at the thought of being left behind like that, and the cookies weren't doing it for them at all as compensation, but they thought the Mickey ears and Duffy bear may have been some consolation. They still think you ought to make a bid to go next time!

  9. OOOH, sucha lovely fellow! And I'm totally jealous he got Duffy and the Mickey Ear cap. I won't mind being left behind for once too... :)

  10. Hooray for a happy ending lucky little bear having a same size teddy to cuddle :)

  11. Al final, le resulto mas rentablequedarse en casa jejejejeje
    Un osito adorable.
    besitos ascension

  12. Ginger, I LOVED this post and had to share it with my husband, too. Soo funny and cute! :o)


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