Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Misunderstanding

It started a few days ago when I excitedly told Sebastian, “Get your things together! We’re going across the pond!”


Of course, he knew a long time ago that we were going to London so he didn’t waste any time hopping up from his book.

tm_2Sebastian loves to read.

He took off to parts unknown and began scrounging around for things to take on our trip. From downstairs he hollered, “Is it going to be cold?” So I told him it would be safe to bring a sweater along just in case the wind was blowing.


Yes on the sweater.

Then I heard him dashing up the stairs and rummaging around in the closet. He yelled, “Are we going to see the Queen?” I told him it was doubtful that the Queen would have time to visit with us.


No on the crown.

The next thing I knew he was poking around in my bits & bobs. (Thanks to Elanor for teaching Jay and Sebastian this phrase last year.) I heard him rattling things around and finally he lifted his head and asked, “Map or compass?” I answered him with “Going old school are you?” He looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Surely he knows about Google maps, right?


Take your pick – map or compass.  Either way, I’ll probably use the GPS.

It was kind of cute what happened next. After all that folderol, he quietly walked up to me, held out his hands and asked, “Will they take my dimes and pennies?”


No on the coins.

“Oh dear Sebastian, they probably would from you but we’ll give you some British money to spend in the shops, okay?” He let out a big sigh of relief. I think he was saving that money for something special.

Then I said to him, “Are you all done? Have you got everything?” And he answered, “I just have one more thing to get!” And off he ran.

He came back with a nice little umbrella and said, “If it worked for Pooh bear, it will work for me.”


Though I was confused, I humored him a bit and said, “Um, okay, but don’t you think that umbrella is kind of big for you. You know Jay and I will keep you warm and dry – you really don’t need to take it.”

Then he looked at me in alarm. “What do you mean? How else will we get there?!”

“Excuse me?” I asked. “How else will we get there?!”

Then it dawned on me we had a misunderstanding. When I said we were going “across the pond”, he took me literally. The Pooh comment finally made some sense to me. Sebastian thought we were going to “cross the pond” in the umbrella just like Pooh bear.


I giggled. Then I laughed. Then I explained to him that this pond was way too big to cross in his little plaid umbrella.


No on the umbrella.

“Besides, wouldn’t it be so nice to fly? Before you get any ideas, Sebastian, you won’t need those fairy wings either. We’re going in an airplane. Now go and pack your things and meet me back here, okay?”

“Okay!” and off he went.

Now I’m not sure what to expect from here on out. Wish us luck!



  1. My dear cute little Sebastian, Granny says you look so small in that umbrella with your little case. I think I would need a row boat. Lucky you going in a plane. Wave to me when you go over Australia. I know the plane probably would not go over Australia, but there is no harm asking the nice pilot.

  2. it's sometimes tricky talking to a bear, don't you think. but at least sebastian is taking in some instructions. have fun you all.

  3. Oh Sebastian, we'd take a brolly anyway, it's always raining over here, you don't want to get caught out...


    Jack and The Clan

  4. Hi Sebastian,

    Have a beary good time across the pond. Maybe you will find a new little friend to bring home with you.

    Have safe travel, please tell Miss Ginger I said that. Thanks.


  5. He is so Wonderful and Cute!
    Have a nice journey together!

  6. I don't know Ginger...I could see the headline..."First teddy bear to cross the English Channel in an umbrella"

  7. Ah so sweet. He won't need the umbrella for rain too, I've ordered mild winter weather with a side order of sun and maybe just a sprinkling of cloud, Safe journey.

  8. Hoping you've got all your bits and bobs packed up now :0) Can't wait to see you all.
    Lots of love
    Elanor xx

  9. I love this little story....soooo cute!!!
    Have great time in London!
    Hugs Tine

  10. =)Too fun! Such an imagination you have Sebastian! I too love Winnie the Pooh stories and am sure you could have pulled off the trip in your umbrella, you'd be just the chap to do it well! Do have a smashing time in merry old England, will be looking for stories of your big adventures.


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